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  1. Would like an option under the file menu to revert to the last saved version on disk, basically a shortcut to "close, discard changes, re-open the file".
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    File revert - Photo

    Thanks ronnyb, good tip!
  3. I agree this is an issue, I would prefer either an explicit "overwrite original" option, or at least a dialog on save asking if I want to overwrite the original file.
  4. Hi MEB, Thanks, I do understand the reasons why you would need to save as .afphoto, I think I didn't articulate my concern regarding consistency properly. My preferred behavior would be to either have "Save" always save as .afphoto and require me to use "Export" to save as a jpg in the above example, or if it is going to overwrite the original file to at least present a dialog asking if that is what I want. Some applications (Gimp comes to mind) have an explicit overwrite option in the file menu. So, I'm not concerned that the file has to be saved as an .afphoto, I'm just not sure I like not knowing if it is going to overwrite the original "sometimes", if that makes sense. There is already a discussion of this under feature requests, I'll add my opinion to that discussion to keep it in one place. Anyway, I hope we answered the original question in this discussion, I'm not totally sure I understood it.
  5. Thanks, posted a feature request.
  6. Am I missing something, is there a "file - revert" option to discard changes and go back to the last saved version on disk? I know you can accomplish that by closing and discarding the changes, and re-opening the file, but is there a revert shortcut somewhere I'm overlooking? Thought I would check here first before adding it to the feature request forum, thanks
  7. What you are describing is the expected behavior of a program of this type. When you "save" a document, it saves it in the native Affinity Photo format, with an extension of .afphoto. It keeps the window open so you can continue to make changes if you want. If your question is how do you produce something other than a .afphoto image file, you have to "Export" the image. Under Export you will see various choices such as jpeg, tiff, psd, png, etc. Just realized after reading another post, the above is not 100% accurate. If you open a jpg and make changes that fall within the scope of what is allowable for a jpg, the save option actually overwrites the original jpg instead of creating a .afphoto file. But, if you add a layer to the jpg while editing, the save will be in the .afphoto format. Not sure I like this behavior, would prefer if it were consistent.
  8. Hi - Just purchased Affinity Photo yesterday, loving it so far. Using it on a 2008 Macbook Pro with only 4 GB of RAM running Yosemite. I was editing a 90 MB 16-bit tiff file, and after working on the file for a while, the saved version was around 650 MB. While Photo seemed to handle the large file pretty well, I was starting to notice the spinning beach ball after a while. I ended up flattening the image to cut down the file size, but was wondering if there was a better way. So, my question is how to best use layers, nested layers, snapshots, (and what does the "save history with file" option do?) etc. to both retain the capability to go back to my edits, and to maintain a reasonable file size.
  9. Thanks Jim, that makes sense to save along the way, any slowdown I was getting wasn't too bad, which is impressive with that large a file. I use Dr. Cleaner to keep an eye on the memory usage, and it was up at 99%. Closing other apps when editing large files helps, and I try to remember to do that. Unfortunately, the max RAM I can put in is 6 GB total, I'm considering that upgrade, at least it's 50% more memory. Would the snapshot be another way to accomplish this, or is the snapshot stored in the same file?

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