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  1. I agree, "Bündel" is somewhat outdated. The easiest solution could be, to just show "herunterladen" instead of the long "Dieses Bündel herunterladen"..
  2. When I crop a picture and apply a filter group including lens filter, this bars appear in the picture
  3. Hardware Acceleration seems to make problems, enabled with a GTX960 I get several artefacts in the icons on the right menue and while processing image after insering it under a previous saved group. These things don't happen when acceleration is disabled.
  4. The HDR-jpg size is equal in beta and current version, so I take that back.
  5. YEs, immediate crash on cropping in Photo , also exported HDR JPGs seem to need far more space than before, i.e. 35 Mb instead of 12 , I will try to check if this was a single or general issue.
  6. Ok, thanks, but what I don't understand- why does the same file (with the group in that order) than work flawlessly within Photo Regards, Klaus
  7. yes, here it is, within the grouped filters, if you disable Highpass, it will look ok Highpassfail.afphoto
  8. Works on my Win10, but live Highpass filter behaves strange (pale screen)
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