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  1. Thanks, I should have worded it better. Changing a line width is a great options - but often I need an object with no line, and I'd like to be able to change the contour with a simple command (increase/decrease) - Freehand language is inset path. Look forward to new additions as the program grows...still very impressed.
  2. Freehand MX had the ability to increase or decrease the size of a path/object - will or does Affinity have this option? Very helpful tool I use often - thanks for the help.
  3. Thanks for the updates, sounds like we all expect great things from the program! Passing the word along to all my FH colleagues. One issue that I've experienced is in actually opening FH files. Most of my native files are not saved with suffix, just the file name. These files will not open unless I add (.fh11) to each prior to opening. Due the countless art archives and project files this really slows down the process for me. Looking for a fix or a suggestion that I may have over looked. Thanks for the help - looking forward to a great product.
  4. Andy, sent you a variety of Freehand files (coming from Chip@dogwings.us) - thanks for looking into this matter.
  5. Andy, it's on my list - I have plenty from FH9 - FH11. I'll zip a file and get it to you this week. Thanks again...if this works you will be a life saver.
  6. Thanks for posting Tim. Somebody needs to hear the screams from Freehand world. The majority of my design career is connected to FH files and archives of images and vector illustrations. I'm inviting all FH users to jump into this stream...finally an application with so much potential.
  7. Thanks Andy...good to hear that there is some hope for the many Freehand users - after over 20 years in FHMX it would be so advantages to have access to previous client work, original art, etc. - I'm sure the app can read eps files, but what an issue to return and make all native files eps. Thanks for offering to look at file structure - I will send a file soon. Still stoked about the potential here...
  8. Discovered Affinity and have been pleasantly surprised with it. I've been a longtime professional user of Freehand, and it would be such a treasure to see Affinity friendly toward these native files. Many Freehand users have tried Illustrator but are not pleased with it's design and function. Is there any hope for Affinity to bridge this gap? At least allowing FHMX files to open in the application. Hope I'm not alone on this...I know of many designers that would welcome Affinity if it offered this option. Curiously watching the development...
  9. long time Mac user, Freehand MX user...enjoying the exploration of this product - what file formats will it accept. Would be great if it supported Freehand files.

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