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  1. Hallo Ray S, Vielen Dank für deine Antwort. Das ist natürlich so möglich. Aber ich würde gerne wissen ob es eine Art Trick gibt, genau die Pixel der jeweiligen Ebenen die über der Transparenz des ursprünglichen Dokuments liegen, auszublenden.
  2. Hello Guys, So far I got very good and nice advices here, so i thought I can ask again. 😉 The following documents background does have a transparency in it, and i would like the layers on top of it to be also transparent where the background is, is that possible and how? For the Germans under you: Da ich hier bisher sehr kompetente und freundliche Hilfe erhalten habe, dachte ich ich frage auch einmal in dieser Sache.😉 Im folgenden Dokument sind Transparenzen enthalten, ich hätte gerne dass Ebenen, die ich darüber lege, genau an den Stellen unsichtbar, also transparent sind,
  3. Hi Guys, I have another ordinary sounding Question to you, again, I didn't found an suitable solution on the internet, so I thought I can ask here again, because last time I got very nice and competent answers here, thanks for that. As you can see, the windows of the bus are grey, but I want them to be transparent. I've already tried it with the bucket tool, but with my knowledge I am only able to give the windows another colour, how is it possible to make them transparent? I'd be very happy to receive an answer from you 😉 For the ones of you that are German, H
  4. Thank you very much for all your answers, these have solved my problem perfectly. Have a nice evening Patrick
  5. Hello Guys, I know, this is maybe a very ordinary question for the Pros of you, but I didn't found a solution on the Internet. I'd like to know how I can use text as a mask layer in Affinity Publisher. I have a shape in front of an picture, and I want the shape to be transpartent in the Pixels of the Text. In easy words, I'd like to have a text inside a shape which persists out of the picture behind the shape. There is one more thing to consider in my question, I don't want the Picture to be enclosed in the Text, I want the shape to be transparent in the pixels, the text consists out. In
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