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    DIsplay P3 colour profile

    What i learned from all the color management sites and articles is: You're document is in a device neutral profile ( srgb, AdobeRGB, prophoto,...) Youre device is in the profile provided or your own made profile. Or choose the profile that is generic for your device. Modern ipad pro choose p3, srgb, AdobeRGB, or the one you made your self. The color management system in your device convert automatically the colors to and from the diverent parts. You only put a device specific profile to a document when the (external print service) provide you a specific profile. So he can process the file directly. To check the outcome of a profile you can softproof the document with the provided profile. And yes you will see different colors on a ipad pro with a p3 gamut and a desktop monitor with a srgb gamut. Greetings Ron Cromberge
  2. roncromberge

    De-ghosting in HDR

    Hello All, I'm trying to make a hdr image from a serie of raw hand taken images. Saddly i miss the de-ghosting option! I know it is in de mac version. Is this feature on the planning? Because it's now pretty useless. Hope for a fast reply. Greetz, Ron