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    On 6/21/2015 at 3:33 PM, neigh said:

    Sadly, for 2d motion graphics work, AE has no real competitor.

    Well… Fed up with Premiere Pro for video editing and unable to use Final Cut as I also need to work with PCs, someone told me to try DaVinci Resolve as it’s Mac/PC/Linux (really!!?) and also IT’S FREE! (there is a Pro version that costs $299, but the standard version is enough for my editing work). So they had their AE-like software called Fusion, but the free version doesn’t exist anymore as they’ve merged it into Resolve 16 (as a workspace). I ditched Premiere Pro and After Effects.

    Worth a try!



  2. Adding charts well to PagePlus took over 2 man years, and that was in an application that already had tables to hold the data. Consequently this feels more like a Publisher feature request to me, or even a separate app.



    Most of Data Designers use Illustrator to create charts… except that the chart tools in Illustrator haven't been updated for 27 years!!!


    There's a huge gap in the market for a chart designing tool, that is powerful, up-to-date, and easy to use. I'm fed up with Illustrator for that matter, as you really can't create anything (dynamic) except pie charts, line charts and bar charts…


    We need flow charts, treepmaps, etc. I know a bunch of designers who'd switch to AfDesigner if there were chart tools included.


    We don't ask for a Excel replacement, but we need/want a not-stuck-in-the-past vector tool!

  3. To the talented devs at Serif,


    I am writing this message as a plea that you consider putting your talents towards developing an Affinity animation application. Something that leverages the high speed canvas render engine you have developed, to offer high speed motion graphics design.


    I am an After Effects user and have grown increasingly tired of its slow, bloated and cumbersome working environment. Sadly, for 2d motion graphics work, AE has no real competitor.


    I think an Affinity animation platform with a refined, modern core would be a great contender to disrupt Adobe's monopoly on 2d motion graphics. Of course I have a million ideas for what would make a great animation package. But the purpose of this message isn't to go into such details, instead it's just to test the waters and hope this is something you guys might be into?

    A Affinity-like AE software already exists, it's called (Apple) Motion. It costs the same (and it is so powerful for a $40 software!). The plugin for Importing Affinity files is a much better and reasonable idea.

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