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  1. 11 pages. Weekly comments. AFFINITY WHERE ARE YOU AND WHY ARENT YOU LISTENING TO OR ACKNOWLEDGING YOUR CUSTOMERS?‽! people should migrate to your software in mass if you actually gave a hoot especially since adobe is so god awful you guys have a real decent product mostly. Believe it or not its stuff that the community presses you on that holds you back - we are vocal about it. Whats going on? Is affinity too perfect for criticism? Have you all reached the end of the dev cycle? Are other things more important? Just got a new ipad. Was considering loading up and buying affinity suite again. Checks this thread. I wont if you guys wont even engage with us on a simple feature requested for years that STILL gets weekly messages. Theres no commitment from you guys so no commitment from me! MANY FEEL THE SAME, get your crap together affinity!
  2. Yup replying in both spots as well, but I am about to check this out and try it. this seems to be the way forward, it is MUCH MUCH appreciated Well, After playing a bit, this definitely works. this is FANTASTIC. grasshopper lets me take it into my own hands a bit too with scaling and other options. its not a clean solution, but I live another day without adobe. Ive been pretty much a whining SOB today, so I just want to thank everyone here for being amazing and helping me even though I was having a tantrum lol. hopefully someone else finds this info easier if they ever need it, Remy, that particular one was the ticket! for reference to anyone else, I actually installed the latest version of that plugin which is listed as supporting rhino 6 for windows, and it has run smoothly in this application for svg export.
  3. Thanks Jens, yeah im afraid it seems to be the rhino implementation is an older version of adobe that was proprietary, and my understanding is that the interpreters that are newer cant handle that code, producing postscript errors and similar, and giving us the white page. im in my own little special zone of software hell where I have the lucky combo of incompatible wares. unfortunately im on OS X, tried going down that route for sag but it is a windows only plugin. not going to spend 500$ to upgrade To rhino 6 just for this .... and the thing is im not transferring a 3d model I am transferring 2d curves on a flat plane to vector. I understand that they are likely given spacial 'z' coordinates under the hood, and that there are also different curve types, bezier vs lines and arcs. that said, my AI files did open fine in illustrator natively when I passed these exact files to a friend. looks like I have to suck it up and go adobe for a month at 30$ - UGH ADOBE! thats the only way I can get my project done.
  4. FYI PDF files exported as vector cannot work in my instance, because the export does not support curves of any kind, leaving my vectors as jagged lines, might as well be a raster If I can't scale it...
  5. here's an example of some quick graphics. nothing proprietary or crazy. just trying to get things to nicely transfer over. not looking to use an online tool every time I need to export, or some whackadoodle software. if I cant get it to handle a basic import, software will be good as dead to me. Ive already wasted so much time.. I do want to express my gratitude though to the users here for being so quick to respond, and trying to fix the issue though. that means a lot and I am hopeful Icons.EPS Icons.AI
  6. thanks for the replies by the way Jens. very familiar with what I am trying to do here, not a user error or trying to import 3d models. strictly 2d basic vector lifework., trust me. Ive made fonts 2d graphics and traces for circuit boards, and loads of 2d vector graphics in rhino because it has suporior curve tools in my experience. my old workflow involved slaving my wage to adobe to get things done. looks like this may have to be the only option.
  7. yes it should, however affinity has an affinity for opening the eps files as blank white pages because the implementation isnt complete, nd lacks the support to import the specific mode of EPS that rhino exports... I am trying desperately to find a free intermediary software that isnt a huge blunder like blender to use just to get my files into affinity simply to color.
  8. thanks for the help MEB, unfortunately I've been learning affinity a few months, and was just ready to import a BUNCH of files over from another program only to be hit with a hard wall for something that SHOULD work. the .ai and .eps import support is abysmal.
  9. Hey MEB, Not possible on Rhino 5 OSX from what I can gather. looks like im specifically screwed. Edit to clarify, It bakes it down to straight lines without curves and so its effectively useless - no way around it.
  10. Hey Bruce! Yes, this seems to be the case, but it actually is not. they only support one specific type of import for PDF files and my software cant output SVG, it can do EPS .AI DXF DWG pdf import as images not vectors in my case, the software cant output pdf vectors. Affinity is unable to import data from the compatible formats - EPS and .ai because they dont actually fully support those formats. its a mess. im livid because ive committed to all this, and im trying to get something going, annnnd fullstops on the project, have to buy new software and ignore everything ive worked on.
  11. im beyond frustrated.no way to get vector to and from rhino 5 OS X. lack of support from devs to expand file IO options like basic DWG or anything rhino uses. affinity is the only software lacking this basic functionality. not using or supporting the team anymore til they make some effort. shame too, it otherwise would be perfect to leave the adobe land, but I have no options to use your software.
  12. I would NEVER have bought any affinity software if I knew this key piece was missing. as nice as any of the tools are , its a piece of trash that makes me angry because I cannot do BASIC importing of files. Frustrated by the lack of options to get vectors into stupid affinity.
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