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  1. The Shift-click instead of just click is what I didn't know; that solves my problem entirely Thanks!
  2. Hi, So I've laid out 5 chapters of a novel, got about 30 chapters to go. Each time I add a chapter, I add 20 new pages or so, using my master A page which consists of 2 connected text frames on the facing pages. When I paste a whole chapter in the first new page, it only fills out the text frames on that spread, and I have to connect the right page of each spread to the left page of the next spread manually until the end of the chapter. How do I get all the new pages connected automatically, so I don't have to do this each time?
  3. But how do I make new styles appear as options for Initial words then? Ah wait it just shows all character styles, right? Doh!
  4. Hi, The help for Publisher says "select a style from the pop-up menu or click New to create a new style using the pop-up menu". I don't see where I need to click to create a new style; I can only select one of the three styles Strong, Emphasis or Strong Emphasis.
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