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  1. You are not alone with your request for blending / morphing. Check out the link below and join if you like it.
  2. The clear need for a blend tool is reinforced by the fact that given the complexity of such special requirements, even the most exotic affinity internal workarounds can usually not bring any relevant/efficient relief (except maybe for simple constructs). This is not a trivial "just know how" situation.
  3. Those interested may wish to continue supporting the blend tool in the linked topic. You are not alone!
  4. This is probably the healthier choice, provided the beaming process went as expected πŸ˜‰
  5. I was expecting a movie about a girl vampire, one who was 12 but had been twelve a long time. πŸ˜ƒThat's right, there's that one too. That's the scene I remembered from seeing the title.
  6. Check the buttons Scotty and decide where you want to beam me! He yells... The type of lighting, color temperature, etc. unsettled Kirk. He doesn't feel fully integrated into any of the worlds, either inside or outside. Scotty not only beamed Kirk, but happened to also beam some typical attributes of the original location. The picture looks exactly as you describe, like a quick manipulation, so I'm not saying that with all seriousness, but if you enjoy manipulating such aspects, you could help Scotty allay Kirk's worries. Fortunately, Affinity is a properly equipped beam device πŸ˜‰ (By the way, when I read the topic title, I was more expecting Negan behind the window pane.)
  7. Those interested may wish to continue supporting the blend tool in the linked topic, as it is not in the archive and therefore also more explicitly related to V2.
  8. +1 I mention it here too, as I don't know if the archives are still being given enough attention. The Blend Tool would be a powerful addition to Affinity Designer. Not only would it allow for a wide variety of textures and shapes that are difficult to construct by hand, it would also save us a tremendous amount of time in the process. In my work context, the morphing functionality is not only required frequently, but often to a considerable extent. As I write this, one such project is waiting for me in the background. There really shouldn't be a need to stress the importance of the tool. It's already a justifiably established standard in the creative environment.
  9. Really nice illustrations! And I agree: the creative possibilities of the blend tool go far beyond the support of lazy contemporaries
  10. +1 A blend-tool would be a great addition. Not only would it help create interesting structures faster, but its morphing ability would allow us to construct mediating shapes and curves that are just terribly time-consuming by hand. So I don't just want it, I need it! πŸ˜‰
  11. THANK YOU SERIF! Thank you for the helpful new features, for the aesthetically and meaningfully redesigned interface, and for the promising prospect of exciting updates due to the reprogrammed environment. COMMUNICATION I appreciate Ash's answer! Serif shows the ability to learn and act accordingly. We are listened to, we are informed openly and they try to accommodate us benevolently. There's no reason we shouldn't behave the same way. Important questions have been answered in the forum and revised in the FAQs. They are working on providing us with an additional installation method if required and in the forum they provided us with interim solutions quite quickly. An additional package for the upgraders will be provided, which is very nice given the already fair price. UPGRADE PRICE OVERREACTIONS I understand the rationale behind the expressed desire for price differentiation between V1 owners and new customers, especially if they bought V1 just a few months before. But the oversized drama of some users, who even carry their frustration so extensively beyond the borders of this forum into the www (as already seen), I find questionable in view of Serif's courteous reactions. Given the quality of the tools at such a human price point and without the obligation to subscribe, one might also choose to smile happily at the creative opportunities that are available to us over the long term. Our concerns have been answered and Serif is already working to accommodate us. Plunge wildly into the wonderful creative work, enjoy the new features and stop complaining! We are holding a great piece of software in our hands...
  12. Please increase the number of attributes recognized by Power Duplicate, and let it use them all at the same time. E.g. Imagine you could start with a square, round its corners a bit, add some color, change the transparency and line thickness, and only now would you apply the power duplicate. You would end up with a chain of objects resembling more and more circles instead of squares, having more and more of the added color, being more and more transparent, and, and, and... That would make life a little easier. Alternatively: a blend/morphing tool as in some other applications. We would choose a start and end object, and Designer would allow us to transform them into each other, producing an adjustable number of intermediate objects.
  13. Direct delete and position feedback while editing (the proposal would be of interest to Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher alike). A. You right-click on a guide and a new context menu appears. There you can select delete or edit. An alternative to a right-click could be a double click. B. The editor that opens would be the same as currently, BUT three new features would exist: If you have opened the editor via the context menu of a guide, then the corresponding guide is highlighted in the editor list. At the same time, the guide would also be highlighted in the workspace. E.g. it could be pink instead of blue. Great feedback when there are many guides. As soon as you select another guide in the editor guide lists, the same thing would happen, the corresponding guide would also be highlighted in your workspace. So you always know exactly what you are doing.
  14. Is this somehow elegantly possible? To distribute selected objects or nodes with an adjustable growth ratio instead of equal distances between them? Of course we can use numerical positioning of single objects or construct special geometries to orientate ourselves, but do we have a more simple or direct solution, I don't know yet? If not, then please see this as a suggestion: It could be a small tool with a slider that we can use to define the growth ratio. And it could also be part of an extended power duplicate. The ideal solution, and a bit different, would probably be something more similar to the blending/morphing tool found in other vector apps. The progressive distance change would just be a part of such a tool.
  15. My example was more symbolic (one of the first symbols I found on the internet), and was more of an illustration that even much less visual information can still be understood very quickly and clearly. I am not advocating simplicity at all costs or flat design because it is used a lot right now. "Fashion" interests me very little. It is the overall context in which the degree of simplicity or a meaningful balance will result. And in this context, details that have no further advantage in terms of conveying information should be scrutinized very carefully. It's about interface aspects, not about our images. They can be as colorful and realistic as everyone likes In my opinion, the current realism is an unnecessary visual overload with no particular aesthetic advantages at the price of a somewhat reduced legibility. And I know, tastes are different, so I don't argue about that. I just want maximum clarity with minimal visual effort. And no: I don't wear glasses or contact lenses None of this is directed against Affinity Photo. I really like the software! So peace
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