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  1. I bought Publisher just to try out the data merge and having a difficult time understanding how it works. How do I insert a data field? If you view the screenshot, it tells me to double-click field name to insert, but nothing happens when I do. Then at the bottom, I see instructions to "Drag to place a new Merge Node". What am I suppose to drag? Hopefully someone can provide some guidance here. If needed, I'm on a Mac. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks to everyone for providing input on this challenge of mine. Much appreciated. @JimmyJack thanks for the source file and now I understand. I will check out Inkscape @v_kyr for modifying shapes and @Lagarto as I will test out the Roughen filter since I have access to AI.
  3. The Roughen Curves tool is what I need but that's just a dream right now. @JimmyJack I have Photo and I'm not sure what you did but it might work. I used the Trapezoid shape and used the Displace Live Filter but it doesn't do what I see in your screenshot. It doesn't appear to have done anything. So I'm missing something.
  4. Thank you v_kyr, I just tried the shape tool suggestion but that is also time-consuming. Searching for vectors with jagged edges and reusing them by moving the nodes around is what I'm currently doing, but again, it's tedious work. I watch videos how this software does some amazing things, there has to be a faster way.
  5. This should be simple but I need direction as to how. If you view the screenshot, is there an easier way to create a vector shape with a rough jagged edge without the time-consuming process of using the pen tool?
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