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  1. Thanks. When you are new to using a product you tend to think that you've done something wrong! 😀
  2. I was following a tutorial on YouTube on the Affinity Revolution channel which was to create realistic lipstick on a model using Affinity Photo. The process involved the following: Create a fill layer Set colour of layer to that of the lipstick colour you require Set layer blend mode to Multiply Hold down Alt and click on Mask icon to create mask Select brush and choose white paint Paint in the shape of the lips which will appear in the colour you chose earlier At this point, the lips are coloured, but have a very sharp edge to them, so we add a Gaussian blur as a child of the mask to blur the edges of the lipstick. This gives it a more natural/believable look. The next step is to use blend ranges to adjust the appearance of the lipstick, so it doesn't look like clown makeup! In the video they go in to blend ranges and drag the highlights marker on the right-hand panel towards the bottom. You set it based on the desired change to the appearance. However, when I do it, it has no affect. After experimenting, I realised that the Gaussian blur was disabling any effect that the blend ranges had. If I set the blend ranges first and can see the desired change, and then add the Gaussian blur, as soon as I set it to anything other than the starting value of 0px, the blend range changes are effectively disabled/ignored. The same can be witnessed if you set it all up and then disable/enable the Gaussian blur. You will see the blend range settings being applied and then removed. I am using version Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks.
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