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  1. 😅 that’s so annoying! You would think it would just do it automatically..
  2. I am using the line tool. I want to make sure all is my dots line up. I know that I can change the phase and that moves the location of the dots. Is there a way to ensure my dots line up as they should in a shape. Here are some pics. Of what I am trying to get done.
  3. When I add a shape like a square. I want to add 3 mm as an offset. when I do so the main line of the square disappears on me... Not sure how to make it show.
  4. Nice that worked. 1mm and then entering 4 in the box gave me the spacing I needed.
  5. Nice! now how am I able to get the spacing to 4 mm? I tried that and still when I put the number 4 in the second box or also the first and second box it does not measure it accurately. My Document is also set up in mm. All I need is to when I make a square shape. for the - - - - - to be exactly at 4 mm apart.
  6. Ok, So I have a couple of questions. First off I am a leatherworker and most of the stuff I am trying to do is pretty simple. I use Adobe illustrator and it works out great. You guys almost offer the same things. First question. Do you offer something like the pathfinder in adobe illustrator.? Second, I am having such a hard time with the stoke tool. or the dashed line ------. Everything is in Pt (measurements) I want it to be in (MM) So for example, if I want my dashes to be 4mm apart (- - - - - - -) What adjustments do I do to the dashed line? There are four boxes that all do something. and then to the far right, there is a phase option not sure if that matters or not. In adobe, I am just able to set my document to MM size. And then enter the number I want in the first box and it does the trick. basically, is there a way to change the pt measurements to mm.?
  7. I am trying to create a new brush with the following measurements. 1mm 1 mm spacing 4 mm with a 45 degree angle. Should look something like this. / / / / / / I am so close. I was able to get it figured out but it is still not there. Not sure what to put for the following things. brush width size variance opacity variance pressure head offset tail offset. I will attach some pictures.
  8. I have created some shapes using only the pen tool. I am trying to figure out how to round the corners using the corner tool. I can figure it out. I have toreid to group all over the lines and then converted them to curves still does not seem to work. I have attached what I am working on down below. I simply just want to round off some of the corners.
  9. I am trying to open a pdf and this is what keeps coming up.
  10. I not sure what happen. The icons are all grey and no longer have color to them. Is there a way to get the color back or reset it?
  11. I use affinity designer to make leather patterns. My question is can I use a different style for the line? I would like to use the (Oblique style) (/) I have a european style pricking irons. I see there is only a sold line option and then a dash option. I am trying to make a stitch line. I want to make / all around the square shape.
  12. I see, that works! Now can I use a different style for the line? I would like to use the (Oblique style) (/) I have a european style pricking irons. I see there is only a sold line option and then a dash option.
  13. I use this platform to create leather pattern. In adobe I have seen people use pathfinder to create a path inside of a shape to show the stiching. It is called offset path. They then set to 3 mm or 4 mm depending on how you want your stiching to look. Is there a way for me to be able to do something similar or the same thing on affinity Designer?
  14. Hello, I am new to Affinity photo. I am just wanting to know if there is a way to download lightroom presets. Or other presets that are available on the internet. There are some really cool presets that I would like to buy and use in affinity photo how can I download them into affinity photo?
  15. Thank you! that makes since to why it was not working for me. I wonder why it has that problem. Hopefully they fix it soon. It is annoying because it makes it so much more easy for me to know that thety are the exact same shape without doing more work haha. Thank you for your help.
  16. Okay, So this is what I am trying to do. I make a square I then use the pen tool to make a shape or draw something. I then select the entire square and click on geometry and then divide. I then just select the top of the scare that I would like to remove and hit cut or delete. That all works great and I am able to do it. I then do the same thing. I make a square I then use the pen tool again here is the tricky part I am trying to use the (NODE) tool to adjust or get the desired shape or form I want right. Same thing to me.. Anyway this time I select everything I click on geometry and then divide as soon as I do that two lines shoot out and change the shape that I created using the NODE tool. Not sure why. I also tired groping the shape I made before I click on divide and try to cut of the top of the shape. It just deletes the shape I created. Anyways, the problem comes in when I try to use the NODE tool to adjust the shape I want. Everything works with just using the PEN tool. The PEN is fine I am able to make a shape and then click on geometry, Divide select the top of the square and cut it out. The shape I made with the PEN tool stays and it looks great. The problem is when I try to bring in the NODE tool.... that is when things go bad and everything gets all wired when I click on divide and then try to cut the top of the square to just keep the shape I made using the NODE AND PEN TOOL.
  17. Can someone please help me figure this out. I am trying to make a cool design with the pen tool but as soon as I hit geometry, divide and try to cut the top of the square it doesn’t do it. Here is a video to show what I am trying to do. IMG_3343.MOV
  18. I kind of figured it out but, then I didn’t.. IMG_3343.MOV
  19. I am trying to take out the top and only the top of a square. I am doing a leather wallet and designing the pocket. As soon as I use the pen tool and creat my desired design I try to take out the top part of the square that I do not need. I have tried to divide the entire shape and then simple select the top part and cut it or delete it. Thinking that will do it and it won’t. Not sure what to do.
  20. Okay, so I do a lot of leather work. I wanted to start using the designer affinity app on iPad. It all worked nice at first. My problem is the following. I go into the shape section. I get a rectangle and then I tired to use the pen tool to mark some dots or little squares around it so then I can modify the rectangle and creat different shapes with it. I’ve done it before. I have also seen many people on YouTube do it. My problem is that now when I open a rectangle and then continue to get the pen tool. As soon as I try to press on the rectangle with the pen tool. It goes away and I’m just left with the pen tool. It does not let me modify the rectangle at all. It is frustrating and I have no idea why it won’t work anymore. Please help. All I’m trying to do is use the pen tool to adjust or modify the shapes.
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