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  1. I have solved it, by following that guide and a comment on another post. A good addition to your blog post would be a list of colour managed photo viewers such as Digikam's Showphoto, or you can create your own counterpart to Lightroom
  2. When I referred to Windows Photo Viewer I meant the old one (not the App), but upon further digging between when I posted the reply and now I found out that even that one is not perfect, so I ended up with digiKam's Showfoto app as a previewer which, after some testing, seems to be colour managed. There is no need, as after I exported in sRGB with AP and viewed in digiKam's Showfoto, the colors are rendered properly. At the end of the day I was using an unmanaged photo preview-ing app.
  3. Hi everyone, I am new to Affinity Photo and photo editing in general and I have a crucial problem. The preview of my edits that AP shows does not fit the exported files. Just for reference my screen is colour calibrated using a SpyderX and is able to achieve 100% sRGB. Looking in Windows -> Settings -> System -> Display -> Advanced Display Settings -> Bit depth I see the value 8 bit. Now when I look at the edited photo in AP (before exporting) I can clearly see shades of gray on the top left lamp, but when I look at it through DigiKam's ShowPhoto (which I read it is colour managed) I am losing all the gray detail in the top left lamp. I have exported to PNG 16bit (as I was working in sRGB 16 bit in AP) with the attached settings. The even weirder problem is that if I open the exported PNG in AP I see the exact same image as the preview. As far I know, the only profile that should be anything but sRGB/Adobe RGB/ProPhoto is the display one (which is found under Windows -> Settings -> System -> Display -> Advanced Display Settings -> Display Adapter Properties -> Colour Management -> Colour Management) that should be generated by a colour calibration tool such as SpyderX/i1Display/etc. Please let me know what do I get wrong as it drives me nuts that the export does not match the edit! Thank you for your time and stay safe! DSCF2205.afphoto
  4. I was trying to solve some issues with my edits looking as they have lower precision than my preview in Affinity Photo (version 1.8) when I export them in JPEG (8 bit RGB) or PNG (16 bit RGB) and I read your comments and links to better understand ICC profiles and Display calibration. From my understanding the only ICC profile that must be custom in a hobbyist's colour management workflow is the Display ICC which converts from stored rgb values to your display's rgb values taking into account its deviations from standard sRGB or wider colour gamut standards such as ProPhoto, AdobeRGB, etc. Besides that every other ICC profile should be the same, this means that the: Affinity Photo (Edit->Preferences->Colour->(32bit) RGB Colour Profile = sRGB IEC61966-2.1) Affinity Photo Document (Document -> Convert format/ICC profile -> Format = RGB/16, Profile = sRGB IEC61966-2.1) export ICC (File->Export->More->ICC Profile = sRGB IEC61966-2.1, Embed ICC Profile ticked) Now, my problem is that when I edit my photo in AP the preview shows nice gradations between the black and gray on the laps, but when I export either in JPEG (8 bit RGB) or PNG (16 bit RGB) and I preview using the old Widows Photo Viewer (which I knew it is coloor managed) the gradations dissapear totally and I get this weird pixelated transitions between two shades of gray. Even more weird, is that if I open the JPEG and PNG file in AP, I they look identical to the preview of the AP document. Could you please let me know what am I doing wrong? Am I preview-ing the images with the wrong software? P.S. I am a total beginner to AP but I am engineer at heart :)) DSCF2205.afphoto
  5. Hi, I have a similar problem where when I export I lose some fine shades from black to gray in my images, and I do not know if I do something wrong at exporting or is the limitation of the file format (JPEG/PNG/TIFF). I have attached my Affinity Photo (ver 1.8) project and the JPEG I exported. The area in question is on the two lamps above the drinks. Would really appreciate any help you can spare ❤️ Stay safe! Edit: I have exported the image in JPEG format and embedded my display's ICC profile and it looks fine, but I do not think I should do it, if I remember correctly I should embed sRGB standard ICC profile right? I have also attached the custom ICC JPEG as well. DSCF2205.afphoto
  6. On further inspection I have found out that my initial post is wrong. Setting the screen's ICC profile to sRGB is just a temporary way to debug, but should not be used as a permanent solution. What I have found that it works is the following. Go to Control Panel -> Color Management -> ICC Profiles and make sure that the "Use my settings for this device is ticked" and that the ICC profile for your screen (ideally obtained from a calibration tool such as Colormunki Smile or Datacolor's Spider) is set as default for both "ICC Profiles" and "ICC Profiles (Advanced Color)". Furthermore, make sure that in what you preview your photos (JPEG,PNG,TIFF..) is color managed (for example the Window 10 Photo App is not, but the old Windows Photo Viewer is). Here are some useful links that helped me: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/97417-colors-are-more-saturated-in-affinity-than-in-photoshop/&do=findComment&comment=521846 https://affinityspotlight.com/article/display-colour-management-in-the-affinity-apps/ I am not 100% sure this will solve your issues, but I will keep writing here if I find anything else.
  7. @rcooper102 I solved my issue. I observed that in Windows -> Settings -> System -> Display -> Color Profile there was a weird code (14CC). On further inspection in Control Panel -> Color Management -> ICC Profiles I was unable to find sRGB or AdobeRGB, so I looked in all profiles and I found sRGB IEC61966-2.1 which is the sRGB standard. Then I added it. Afterwards it appears in Windows -> Settings -> System -> Display -> Color Profile and I changed it there as well. After I restarted Affinity Photo the image that I exported and the one that I saw in an image viewer are identical. Now, I also ordered an SpyderX Elite Monitor Calibration from Amazon.de where it is heavily discounted for Datacolor's 50 year anniversary (I am not posting links cuz I am not sure about the forum rules). I am to calibrate my monitor and create an ICC profile for it to import in in Afinity Photo.
  8. I have a similar problem. I am using a Dell XPS 13 which should be decently accurate for colour reproduction and in AP I get a nice image while in an external viewer (after exporting in either JPEG or PNG) I get a photo with the contrast cranked up to 1. The images have been extracted with snipping tool. The first one is from inside AP while the second one is from Window Photo (I have tried other viewers as well, and also Facebook renders it with "enchanced" contrast). My export settings are the third photo and my project settings are the fourth photo. Please let me know what I am doing wrong as I would love to continue using AP.
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