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  1. @appearsharmless was basically doing the gary P technique but his way was a lot more economic, really appreciate the shouts guys, guna crack on and see what comes out. Cheers again
  2. Really appreciated dude, thankyou. Will get into inkscape once i get my head around designer a little more but knowing it has this feature is a huge help thankyou. Just to get a little clarity, would i be able to export the file from inkscape in such a way that i'd be able to manipulate layers or would it just be flat vector image? Cheers again
  3. Hi guys, @Alfred it's designer i'm using thanks, I also have Affinity Photo (again complete noob), is the same thing achievable in photo? thanks a lot for getting back. I've been experimenting with just manipulating each line individually and its really time consuming. honestly don't mind as i'm learning but just wondered if there was specific tools. Cheers
  4. Hi there, I am ready to be torn down here but i've been trying to get my head round distorting lines / shapes and i'm coming unstuck and i just wondered if there was a way of creating lines / shapes within a design and then manipulating them heavily. currently trying to ceate a logo and would love a helping hand as i'm tearing my hair out. I've attached a couple of example images: If it's a case of editing each line individually then fair enough i'll lock myself in but just wondered if there was something i could do to gain the effect? apologies for the noob question and thanks in advance to anyone who can help Cheers
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