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  1. Dear all, I have made a lens profile myself for DNG files of Mavic Air (1), using a milky white filter for vignetting, and pictures of buildings and parkings (from above) to correct lens distortions with Hugin (https://wilson.bronger.org/lens_calibration_tutorial/). It is a lot of work, but it resulted in a lens profile that is good to compensate lens distortion. It has been uploaded to the lensfun database and both Darktable and RawTherapee use it. It is a bit of work, but everyone can do it. HOWEVER, the camera also produces a faint pinkish-yellowish spot in the middle, which is especially annoying in panoramas. That spot cannot be compensated in the lensfun database (at least I do not know how). It can be compensated, but unfortunately requires slight post-processing in Darktable/RawTherapee: Mavic Air photos are 4056x3040 pixels. One needs to draw a circular mask for colour correction in the middle ~2600 pixels large, smoothed edges (at least 700 pixels), filled with colour, in Darktherapee slightly towards blue/green blue. Save as TIF. Adobe programmes do however use the embedded profile in DNG. The correction cannot be influenced by the user, but it corrects all above issues well, including the coloured spot. I truly hope that someone can develop a function that can apply a DNG embedded profile for the open source programmes. It should be possible, because DNG is an open format. Then all DJI DNG files would immediately be corrected, including upcoming ones.
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