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  1. Fair enough, didn't think about it like that, figured you didn't find it necessary or something. Well I'd rather wait until you get it right, rather than rush it, because it does tend to slow things down in Sketch. Although the overlords at Adobe seem to have it running a bit smoother in Adobe XD. Regardless I think you guys have had the most fluid application, and I would hate to have a feature slow that down. Fingers crossed, you implement Background Blur by the beginning of the new year along with "Pages" in the 1.6 update as I have some upcoming UI projects to take care of. And I'll have a look at the color palette feature.
  2. The Pathfinder equivalent tool found in Affinity Designer needs some work. I tend to create logos by overlapping shapes, using the divide tool, deleting the excess then recombining them to get rid of the lines. This works perfectly in Illustrator, however when trying the same method in Affinity Designer, I'm left with stray points and lines, it's essentially just combining the shapes like a group instead of merging. The space in between is to minuscule to be shifted manually. I don't know if it has something to do with you 1,000,000x Zoom, but the tool should somehow be reworked to allow the combination of cut shapes where the edges seemingly touch. Precision is great, but this is too much a distance a line thickness away shouldn't count. Even better give the option to toggle in on an off like you do magnetic tool. I'm currently using 1.42 and there seems to be a Memory leak issue when using the Pathfinder tools. If I highlight a bunch of objects to join, the program will hang, and the memory will slowly dwindle until most of my computer freezing causing me to force quit. MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013) NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB
  3. I created System Palettes instead of application Palettes as I use the same colors across multiple Apps. The problem is, when I open them in Affinity Designer, they aren't sorted alphabetically (it might be an issue with Affinity not using the OSX Dialog Box, which I like...feels more integrated), But When you have color variations with similar names I would like them to be grouped together. I'm aware I can sort the colors within a palette, but not the palettes themselves. Is there anyway to fix this?
  4. About pages, I was hoping that you implemented it similarly to how Sketch has it (I'm thinking that's maybe what Hombre meant). When I do UI design, I like to have a scratch page, then Mockups, and then an export page. I know I could just duplicate artboards, but it's not the same, Pages allow me to also differentiate between different directions altogether without creating a new document. Anyway just my two cents. What guys are doing is great, simplifying other bloated software giants, while improving a lot. I pray you do the same in Publisher (have you seen inDesign lately? Jeezus! it's daunting). I'm looking for an alternate and will be happy to beta test later this year.
  5. SIMPLE ADDITIONS Background Blur (like Sketch) This comes in handy when doing UI design for iOS, MacOS, WatchOS, and Windows 10 Gets rid of the workaround of Using Shapes & Transparency + Gaussian Blur Only reason I still use Sketch to be honest (I would like to have as few applications as possible on my laptop) Create Palette from Image (like Adobe Capture) This takes the tedium out of using the eye dropper tool on every part of the image until I get my palette This will be similar to Adobe's Capture app on mobile (and your own create from Document command)
  6. Please add Background Blur. Please! This is essential when working on iOS mockups (I'd rather not go through complicated masking). Thank you