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    Ducati reacted to Jobalou in Tutorial - Create your own brush - "grass" example   
    Hi to all,
    another tutorial to help you to Create your own brush.
    I used an example created with a vectorial pen tool drawing simple grass leaves.

     You can download this "Grass" brush and use it for free on your works... here:
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    Ducati got a reaction from 2989 in Export SVGs from AD to Cricut   
    Hi. Until the update 1.9 I was able to export SVGs from Affinity Designer to Cricut Design Space at actual size - meaning if I design something that is 30x30cm, it opens in CDS at the same size. DPI needed to be set to 72 to achieve this.
    Since 1.9, the resulting SVG now opens in CDS a lot larger than the size it was created at. Fine for me, but not for my customers who buy the SVG.
    The 1.9.1 release does not fix this.
    Any reason why this is now happening, and is there a work around?
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    Ducati got a reaction from h_d in Creating Compound with padding   
    Nope, sorry, didn't help. 
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    Ducati reacted to Gear maker in How do I scale vector strokes proportionally?   
    emdash, in AD there is an entry in the Stroke panel "Scale with object" which when selected will do what you want.  I don't think there is an equivalent in AP.
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    Ducati got a reaction from lacerto in Designer: Change stroke colour to match fill colour for multiple curves   
    Thanks Lagarto! 
    I saved some love for you too...for teaching me how to correctly use this snapping option. I did have it turned on, but I was missing the crucial piece that I actually needed to select the adjacent shapes. I also had Construction Snapping and Align Handles turned on (not got round to looking these up yet 😳 ) so that was probably muddying my muddy waters.
    All working MUCH better now.
    I'm so grateful for your support!
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    Ducati got a reaction from Old Bruce in Designer: Change stroke colour to match fill colour for multiple curves   
    GarryP & Lagato thanks for your responses. I'm sorry my message wasn't clear enough. I didn't want to teach anyone to such eggs, so I guess I thought 'Low-Poly' was a known technique. Apologies!
    Low-poly art is where you take an existing piece of art or photo and randomly draw a load of shapes over the top - more often triangles or sometimes 4 or 5 sided shapes. I use the pen tool for this and align the nodes of each shape with adjacent shapes so there are no gaps. When the image is covered in shapes (curves), you fill each individual shape with the average colour of the shape. If you google 'low-poly art' you will see some amazing pictures, but here is my first attempt (with the help of Tigger)?
    So, you can't set the colour of the stroke when you are drawing the shapes, because at that point you don't know what the colour is going to be. You could set it straight after you draw each shape - draw, fill, set stroke colour, but I like to make sure all my lines and nodes are aligned before I start filling. 
    I guess it's just one little extra step to have to change the stroke colour, but an image will have hundreds of shapes, so it's just a bit frustrating. Anyway, it's a slow way to build a picture, but I like the effect, so I'll persevere
    BTW - I'm using ADesigner. I put it in the title but forgot to mention it in my plea for help.
    Thanks again for your time.

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    Ducati reacted to HVDB Photography in Photo: Cannot select mask layer anymore   
    Just ALT + click  on the masks thumbnail.
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    Ducati reacted to firstdefence in Is there a "basic" set of brushes in vector brushes for Designer   
    These are from the version 1.6.1 for draw persona...
    Basic.afbrushes  Assorted.afbrushes Image.afbrushes Textured 1.6.1.afbrushes  
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    Ducati reacted to Sahil Ansari in How to Transform a Photo into a Brick Wall Portrait   
    The video is dedicated to the topic "How to Transform a Photo into a Brick Wall Portrait" in Affinity Photo and those people, who want to learn this very easily with step by step.
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    Ducati reacted to Dave Vector in Layers Guide (V1) - Understanding Masks, Moves, Crops, Clips, and Adjustments   
    Have you ever tried to arrange objects in the layers panel only to loose them, and then find it nestled in a collapsed group of objects?  
    Ever try and move an object so it clips anther object and it ends up with an unexpected result?  
    Ever wonder what those enigmatic icons in the layer thumbnails are trying to tell you?
    This guide is for anyone with those questions. From folks that are new to Affinity Products, to people who has been using it for years and struggled with the behaviour of layers.  This 3-page visual how-to guide will hopefully help reveal any or all of the cryptic layer mysteries!
    The guide is in English for desktop versions of the products, designed the Windows version, tested mostly in Affinity Designer, but should translate well to Affinity Photo and Publisher.
    I would love to hear your feedback, if you notice any errors, have any additions, and/or let me know if it helps you, please chime in!
    NOTE: PDF DOWNLOAD AT THE BOTTOM.  Please download it!
    Dave Vector

    Affinity Layers Guide - Understanding Masks, Moves, Crops, Clips, Adjustments.pdf
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    Ducati got a reaction from Alfred in Circular diagram + arrows + text on path?   
    Thanks so much for your response and help Alfred. Now makes perfect sense!
    Have a great weekend!
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