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  1. With version 1.8.5 released, using a Wacom Intuos on Windows 10 you will need to set the tablet input mode to either Low Precision or Windows Ink to not have the offset. If you use High Precision the brush offset is still prevalent.
  2. Hello, With version 1.8.4 the update introduces a brush / pick point offset. Whenever using a Wacom tablet with version 1.8.4 the brush preview may show where the stroke will be but when you begin your stroke the stroke is actually offset a brush tip size to the left. Also, if you are using a Wacom table to edit curves, you cannot actually drag and edit nodes because the pick point is offset. NOTE: version 1.8.3 DOES NOT have this issue. Therefore, if you are experiencing this, the only solution I found is to revert back to 1.8.3.
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