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  1. In Affinity Photo, go to Filters/Distort/Shear Use the box that appears on the bottom right corner to manipulate the text.
  2. The reason for our request is because the shape builder tool is much easier to use when dealing with intricacies, such as corners and deleting small lines independently. I am currently using Illustrator because if this option. Once Serif adds a working shape builder tool then I’ll commit to a full switch to Affinity Designer.
  3. Yes and add the image tracing tool while you’re at it.😁
  4. If that’s the case, then they should start from the ground up. If this is the only thing we are asking Serif then that should tell everyone that the software is good and all it need is a few kinks to be fixed. Bring the Shape Builder please.
  5. I have a great solution....get rid of the Booleans all together. Replace it with the shape builder and call it a day.
  6. Please Serif, Listen to the people that support your product. Please add the shape builder tool to Affinity Designer. Nothing gives me pleasure than working on the project in the software. It is that it becomes tedious trying to create shapes when the shape builder tool can save so much time. I know you want to make it simpler for all of us, but why not create a button where everyone have access to it in the context panel and call it a day. Thank you.
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