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  1. Follow up bug to this related to moving pages around. Process of duplicating a page, moving deleting an old page, then trying to swap places between two pages and it completely falls apart and I have to cmd+z a number of times to get back into a functional program state. Expected behavior: be able to move pages around without the master and pages getting broken. Screen_Recording_2020-09-06_at_2_36.08_PM.mov
  2. Yeah I think it inherently makes sense the shifting of pages, but it feels like there should be an option to somehow move without shifting. Maybe a Replace page or swap page would achieve my needs. But yeah the flow you described may work in the meantime. Maybe even just being able to move a page to a point, but having an empty spot next to it? Exporting in that page would just output a white page, but 99% of the time people would fill it with the page of their needs. Thank you for your help!
  3. Yeah I figured as much. Actually switching to single page view instead of facing view disconnected my Master pages into individual ones anyways which made moving things around a lot easier. I guess what I found frustrating is there doesn't seem to be any way of moving a page somewhere without it shifting everything else first. In my case I wanted to add and remove a page so it would end up in the exact same state if was before, but the process to get that shifts and moves everything which breaks any full spread masters. As I use this more and more, I wonder why anyone would make f
  4. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I am simply trying to move a single page (based on a single page master) to a new position in the book. When I do it shifts everything by a page until I can delete the excess page and everything goes back to how they were. EXCEPT that ONE of the elements from the master, the title, ends up being reset for every spread using a full (2 page) spread master. Except one...not sure why Camile's granola doesn't reset. The instructions and ingredients all SEEMs to remain untouched. It's just that title block that flips back to saying "Berry Turnover" which is the
  5. sounds good. The document I did send was a cleaned up clone of the original, but I know that may not have all the necessary data to explain it. Thank you all for all of your help and suggestions. Glad to see it wasn't ENTIRELY me
  6. I am really sorry, what original document? I sent the original document. Would it help to have the original SVG's? I think I have those.
  7. I made that asset in the file you have, unfortunately I think I deleted the original instance.
  8. What I don't get is that on the Master page it behaved exactly as I expected. Stretching and shrinking and the text wrap worked. It was only when I edited detached that the behavior just wouldn't update. And the reason I did do it on the master was just for the locked in positioning and if I update the color or type it will update almost everywhere. So far, relative to tools like Figma, I am not understanding how an 80+ page recipe book won't become horribly out of sync page to page if you have to change almost any non text element. Using an Asset for the ingredients or copy paste it, if I dec
  9. I have not seen the lines issue yet. Maybe there is some link broken when importing the asset into a new file? I am trying to recall exactly, but I believe the icon assets were imported as SVG from Figma and then at some point I rasterized them because apparently you can't make a Pub asset that contains svg. The other colored assets are older versions on an earlier iteration, but ultimately still make in the same process as this one as far as I recall.
  10. @thomaso is correct that I am concerned about the text wrapping around the ingredients objects. And the turn off wrap and turn it back on solution does work! Which is the simplest solution. Thank you for that. I will also have to mess with the box only format. Do you feel there is one that is recommended over the other? I am very new to print design. Familiar more with vector sort of stuff.
  11. Everything was created in Publisher. The icons were exported from Figma but all the text and rectangles were in Publisher. I don't believe I used symbols at any stage. Not entirely sure what they are in Publisher.
  12. The thing is that when I edit the master I am editing the grouped set of objects and the text is wrapping perfectly. I edit the same object on a spread and its not responding the same at all.
  13. As shown in the video, I am very confused as to why the text isn't wrapping properly when I 'edit detached' the height of an object that is created on the master page. Screen_Recording_2020-08-15_at_4_34.07_PM.mov
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