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  1. Taking some tips from other users about my Panther motorcycle drawing, i have tried to make my 3rd drawing look a bit more realistic, still not perfect, but I am still learning and it is very absorbing. Trouble is when i get near the end i am in a hurry to see it finished, anyone else do this?
  2. Now you have pointed it out I can see exactly what you mean, it does look weird. It should look smaller at the top because the fender would be covering some of it but it definately doesn't look right, it also looks like the fender is behind the tyre....hmmm must have been after I had a beer lol, thanks for letting me know as I never noticed it
  3. Thank you very much for the tips, I am not really a capable user of any drawing program, and i have used many, because i like to try, but now today i have just been given a small wacom pen and tablet to use and have found it so much better that trying to draw with a mouse, however i am now trying to learn to draw, learn how to use designer program, and learn to use the pen all at the same time, haha quite a task really. I am pleased with the Panther but it took me ages to do it, probably 20 hours bit by bit, but i am not in any hurry also. I hope to be able to do better in the future, and once again thanks for comments and tips on this.
  4. as of yet i don't know how to make it better, more 3 dimensional, but still learning 😊
  5. few mistakes but overall im pleased with the result. hope to do better and better
  6. if i can find someone else to use their card for me would that be possible, say someone in uk for example.... obviously the card and the affinity program names will not match would that be a problem, its pretty weird not being able to buy something that i want when i have the money to do so. Thanks
  7. After several e-mails back and forth to your company I have discovered that I can only pay with a PayPal account and I don't have one nor do I want one I have been using this software for a little over a month and I'm very happy with it please offer an alternative way to pay for this software it is ridiculous in this day and age that you only have one method of payment credit card or PayPal as I do not have a credit card I cannot have a PayPal account and as I said I don't want one I have a debit card I can send the money cash by Western Union or some other way but I want to continue using this software after the trial expires thank you
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