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  1. No Alfred that's as good as I can do it I don't know how to make it better
  2. Thanks young man, i did as you said now updates on both programs are installed, cheers for the info, never thought of going there lol
  3. sure...... i managed to get an update last time i got the above message about the URL, but i cant remember what i did to achieve this
  4. i cant update at all either Designer or Photo, this was also the case in previous updates
  5. Haha yes you are right about seeking perfection, there comes a point after fixing errors and still finding more you just have to leave it alone, and thanks for the tip about flipping the drawing that's a good idea. I am looking at my first drawing on Affinity of a Panther motorcycle, and compared to this one there is quite a big difference now i have got used to the program and i am quite pleased with my own improvements, considering i am not skilled in any way. I just wish there were a few more choices of metallic finishes such as chrome etc and a few more things like a blending tool in the program. For me this is just fun and i will never be an artist like some people who draw the human form freehand from scratch for example, i have tried but the results are awful, these are the people i admire who can do this. i will try again some time but as of now i am avoiding drawing faces eyes noses and in particular realistic hair because i simply cant do it. So when i get fed up of drawing bikes i will find something else to occupy me. Merry Christmas
  6. There is always something.....i have looked at this drawing loads of times to check i haven't missed anything, and yet each time i find something else that is not quite right or is missing completely. When its nearing completion i am always in a rush to see it finished and saved as a jpeg because i want to print it. This in turn leads to so many mistakes, Usually its just small adjustments, but while concentrating on the particular problem, it very often causes another problem in a different area. Anyway things i missed on the drawing first submitted were, the vent on top of the headlight, the clamp which holds the advance and retard levers on the handlebars, adjusted the rear mudguard to make it a little deeper, placed wired in the magneto which were not connected, No doubt there are more, but im going blind looking agt it over and over again lol. So good or not this will have to do...
  7. Just finished today. Just for fun i thought drawing a really old bike would be easier than some of the later ones, and in some ways it was, and in others it wasn't. Still keeps me occupied lol.
  8. Wow that is brilliant thank you so much for the comment and the video
  9. Very often you see fruit with hundreds of black or yellowy colour pores on the skin, i tried to do this individually with a pen as in hundreds of little dots but affinity crashed after about a 100, then i tried to go into pixel; mode and spray them on but even with the size and scatter mode set high it doesnt produce a realistic result. Also i'm not satisfied with the gradient banding, how can i get more scatter to produce better fading instead of a very visible line, its not bad but i think it could be better.
  10. Yes i hear you, when i lived in UK i loved going round Europe, on any bike from an MZ 175 lol to a Bonneville, and BMW'S. I miss that these days, the mountains, the winding paths the valleys, so beautiful... These days i am located in the Philippines and have a Kawasaki 400cc single and when i can finally get back to my home there with my family first thing im going to do is jump on it and go for a long ride around the Philippine islands. Currently stuck in Hong Kong because of covid restrictions on flights etc, its a real pain.
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