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  1. Carl, Windows 10 1909. I've Googled this a couple times, and the only topic on the forums I can find is one from Mark Ingram back in 2016; which just tells us the same thing the online manual does. https://affinity.help/publisher/en-US.lproj/index.html?page=pages/Workspace/toolbar.html?title=Toolbar I can undock the tools; which then gives me the floating window. I can then move that anywhere I want but it doesn't try to snap/lock anywhere in the interface. Turning dock tools back on just puts them back on the left-side of the screen.
  2. I know this has come up previously. I typically like my tools on the right-side of the interface, and I can't stand floating frames. I'd love to be able to just dock the tools on the right-side of the screen. Currently all I can do is undock the tools and let them float. I'm not looking for preset workspaces, but the ability to save my workspace (panel and tool locations, and which panels are open/closed). This allows flexibility for different usage, and allows one to revert back to their favorite default interface. I know Publisher saves the interface from the last use, but in case I had more panels open on the last project, it would be handy just to load my standard preset and close all those windows at once and put things back to where I like them.
  3. Agreeing with this feature request. Adding PDF form creation will only enhance the reputation of Publisher giving it even more flexibility and competitive stance in the market. I know for many it would be a selling point all by itself. I'm a daily InDesign user professionally, and I use the Affinity suite personally and for work with my nonprofit orgs. I've had to create my fair share of PDF forms using the competition. InDesign is just not that great it - I find it much easier to use Acrobat to add forms to documents. That said, I don't think Acrobat is very good at it either (so that tells you what I think of InDesign's form creation functions). The other HUGE knock at the competition is that Acrobat's interface is completely different from InDesign. I know why this is - many more people use Acrobat than use InDesign, and incorporating an InDesign-like interface into Acrobat would likely seem too intimidating for users that have never opened any Adobe creative apps previously, so they have kept Acrobat simpler. That said, I'm sure adding this functionality to Publisher is possible, but I know it will be a challenge to implement.
  4. I just updated to 1.8.4 to see if that alleviated it - nope. It's the Hyperlinks panel. Updated to 1.8.4 Opened the last document I was using, and began typing. Noticed immediate lag. Closed the History panel - no change Closed the Hyperlinks panel - lag immediately went away. Re-opened the History panel - no lag Re-opened the Hyperlinks panel - no lag Guess I'll keep the hyperlinks panel closed unless I need to use it.
  5. Apologies if this has already been flagged or fixed. After I've been working on a document for some time, I'll start to encounter lag when typing in a text box. I found out last night that by hiding the interface (Tab) the lag goes away and I can type normally. I suspect this has to do with the document change history. The documents I work on are in the 4-6 page range (newsletters), nothing very intensive. Windows 10 v1909 Pentium G4560 16GB DDR4 nVidia 1050Ti Publisher is installed on an SSD. The rest of the system is very snappy and runs very smoothly. No crashes, no lag. Designer and Photo run great. I've also encountered this lag on a ThinkPad T420 w/ 8Gb RAM and SSD w/ Windows 10. It's definitely not a hardware issue as the two systems have completely different specs/hardware installed. Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a fix? Thanks
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