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  1. @garrrettm30 actually take two on your suggestion. I did the switch on and off last night and on booting up again your way of converting the text colour format DOES work. Better than that I thought at best it might just pick up the main text flowing through all pages, but it actually picks up everything. Page numbers, boxed out text, etc. BRILLIANT Obviously the bug shouldn't be there in the first place but this work around turns a weekend task into an hour or two at most. Thanks so much. I hope Affinity Publisher pick this up as it's a really useable work around. Cheers Pete
  2. Hi Garrettm30. Thanks for that but I just tried it and unfortunately even the first 'find' step doesn't seem to be picking anything up for me. I tried different colours I've used too, but still nothing. I'm picking the colours up off the pallet and double checked the CMYK mixes I don't/and do want, but no joy. It searches fine on fonts and other criteria, but just does nothing on colours (though it's clearly meant to be an option, if you know how deep to dig down in the menus). I'll try again tomorrow to see if a good switch off-switch switch-on has any effect? Cheers. Pete
  3. Hi, new to the forum but thought I'd just add to Rabari's original comment. I've just completed a 300 page book of mixed images and 80K odd words and in dealing with a printer have come across this horrible bug which I now see has come up time and time again in different postings. I'm working in a CMYK colour format - as that's what I knew the printers would want from the outset - but when I try to export to a PDF/X-4 PDF the black comes back as a CMYK mix rather than 100K. I know this problem is all over the forum as I thought "No worries, there'll be a quick fix solution", but there seems there isn't! Like Rabari (and various others) it looks like I'll have to manually go through every single page of text, stand alone text box, caption, header, footer, page number, etc, and manually change to 100K. Various fixes have been posted but none of the ones I've seen solve the problem, as most seem to discuss losing the 100K black at some point during a conversion to PDF. My problem is that I didn't have 100K black from the start, as the CMYK default gives you that CMYK mix to begin with. It would be nice if some one could say "Oh, that's easy, you solve it like this................." but my guess is there is no solution? Any help appreciated Pete
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