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  1. okay I understand I will buy another license next time, and is it permissible to use a virtual credit card like JENIUS for the next transaction?
  2. I tried to request a refund to the seller but couldn't, do I really have to buy the license twice and leave the previous license unused
  3. I previously bought Affinity Designer at a reseller at an online store and he gave me an email and a key.someone say he bought a lot of licenses during the 50% affinity discount promo and resold them with an additional profit, is this legal?can I use the software from that seller?previously I wanted to buy directly via paypal but my bank cannot be used for paypal verification
  4. I tried to make a scratch with the pencil tool but the results of the line streak always change after it's done. this happens when you zoom out but when you zoom in the results of the lines will look natural and only slightly change. for example when the canvas is zoomed 100% the lines will change to become more curved, other than when zooming less than 100% for example 20%, the line results will change greatly compared to 100%. And of course when zooming like 150% for example the results the line will change slightly Affinity_Designer_2020-07-28_20-03-30.mp4 Affinity_Designer_2020-07-28_21-04-02.mp4
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