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  1. Lol, leave it to coding forum posters to sideline the entire point and chime in to say that this feature would turn the entire world as we know it upside down just to try to shoot someone down to... idk... feel better about themselves or something, lolol. This thread is so off topic now. I just want to say that I have some coding experience too and good point @HuniSenpai. I think the point being made is being lost on the details. This feature is missing in Affinity and should have long since been implemented, whether it takes 30 mins or multiple days for them to do so.
  2. @AffinityMakesMeSmile @fde101 Although I figured out a workaround and so have others here, the workarounds are tedious and annoying when this is usually a core feature (either via key command or a top menu button) in any other mainstream photo editor I have worked with. It's not that there is not a workaround; it's the simple fact that it's the year 2020 and a workaround for such a simple command is needed.
  3. It is now 07/25/2020 and still, this most basic of features is not added. -_____- This feature is absolutely CRITICAL when working with logo designs. It basically makes the program unusable for logo design.
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