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  1. Well said - agree 100% In Photoshop, I also regularly CMD+clicked on a layer to quickly select all its contents then Crop to Selection. I taught Photoshop for years as an ACE/ACI—this was always included in the course. As you say, it would be the best of both worlds to have this as a simple to select action.
  2. In which case, a simple solution would be to provide an option to "Convert Marquee to Crop". Maybe cmd/ctrl+click Crop tool. Then by hitting Return the crop would be applied and—hopefully—everyone would be happy. Very often a user will be using selection tools to create a marquee that they want to convert quickly to a crop. In my own use, I'd often cmd+click on a Layer to define its contents as the area I want to define the crop. Maybe it was pixels. Maybe it was an object I drew for the purpose. I taught Photoshop for many years as a Certified Instructor/Expert. 'Crop to Selection' was always in the course content because it was so useful.
  3. I think we need to keep adding posts here in this needed feature will find its way onto the development roadmap. Thanks for adding your voice.
  4. I'm just going to add my voice again, to say that I wish this feature existed a lot of the time when I work in Photo. It makes me almost miss Photoshop!
  5. You’ve been at this as long as me then! Remember it well and used it. I liked how AppleWorks gathered all your files in a single location. A similar stripped down Bridge-like function would be cool one day in Affinity too. But maybe not a priority.
  6. Very interesting - thanks! So, yes, I can Edit in Publisher, turn on Special Characters, switch back to Designer... and voilà! I guess there's a lot more to explore in the three apps integration—I've been using them like an old Adobe user to date.
  7. Thanks guys - I do think it would be useful as would being able to see invisible characters.
  8. Hi, When working in Designer on Desktop, is there a way to show the light blue text frame edges by default like you can in Publisher even when the objects are not selected if you enable View>Show Text Flow? (see attached). Thanks, Pat
  9. @Patrick Connor Version 1.9.2 is still showing the painfully slow start-up - seen this since November 2020 now... I've made numerous copies of the apps since that was discovered as a workaround. Is Serif really incapable of providing a quick fix to this bug that doesn't seem to exist in any other apps I've seen? Could you not prioritize it higher? Thanks!
  10. Okay, this is very weird but it can be done - you can draw multiple straight vertical or horizontal lines without having them automatically connect. Haven't worked out of 45 degree increments are possible. You'll need to get used to this. On a Mac, pixel layer with Brush selected: - Click and then release mouse at start of new line - Press down Shift and hold - Click again and drag to draw A second option that works with a pen/pencil: - Hold down Cmd (and keep it down) - Click and hold with pen then start to draw a "very small" part of the line - Immediately add the Shift key and continue to drag - Repeat for a new line Not perfect but it works. Photoshops implementation is much more intuitive and works better, plus can do 45 degree angles. But at least this gives Photo users an option.
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