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  1. I use Affinity Designer for a project that involves having several files open in tabs, then selecting the visible elements in each file and exporting each file an SVG with the "Export text as curves" box checked and "Area: Selection without background" chosen. I do this same exact thing every day. I've noticed that after marking the correct export settings for the first file of the day, the others automatically default to "Export text as curves" already being checked, but the Area option doesn't similarly change - I have to manually change every export window from "Whole document" to "Selection without background." Is there a way to tell AD that I want these same export settings for every file? If not, can this please be a feature request - that subsequent exports automatically default to the settings of the most recent export? Or perhaps there's something I could set up with macros to make this process quicker? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Yes, I'm just trying to find out if there's a way to adjust this in my personal settings - not saying it should be a change in the software. (I thought I originally posted in Questions, but it looks like this post is showing in Feature Requests & Suggestions instead. Not sure if I made a mistake or it got moved by a mod?) Based on these replies, I'm assuming the answer is no. But if someone sees this post who knows otherwise, please let me know! I've used (and loved) Affinity for years, but I'm sure there are still plenty of little things I don't know.
  3. When scaling an object in Affinity Designer, I know that I can hold down CMD to make the object scale outward in all directions from the center point, rather than from the top left corner. That works fine for me - but I'm wondering if it's possible to change a setting somewhere that would make that the default behavior without holding any keys? (Holding CMD would then presumably have the reverse effect, making the object scale from the corner.) I'm using Affinity for a specific task that involves scaling objects hundreds of times a day, and they ALWAYS need to remain centered, so it would be nice to eliminate the need to hit CMD so much. Not a huge deal either way, though. Thanks!
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