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  1. Ah okay, i still using the old NIC collection and have the issue. Thank you.
  2. Hi, i am not sure if it is the same problem. If i process a RAW CR2 file in Develop Persona, develop this and finaly export the picture out of the Photo Persona, the jpeg file is between 30 and 40 MB large. That's much larger than the PS jpeg size. I tried jpeg best quality and Lanczos 3. Wirh best regards Dennis
  3. Hi, nice to hear other users have the same problem. Until now the problem with Viveza isn't fixed. With best regards Dennis
  4. Hi, the same problem is also reported for a older version, but still not fixed. When I open a RAW file and process it using a preset, the next time I open a RAW file the last preset will be selected but not applied to the picture. I have to change it back to "standard" and then back to the preset that was selected, if I want it to be applied. Is it also possible to implement a general preset for all tabs with changes? Windows 10, Version With best regards and keep on the great work Dennis
  5. Hi, still the same problem with Windows Version Thats very annoying and time consuming. Please fix that With best regards Dennis
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