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  1. Yet another exciting upgrade. The link for free content on my Mac 'Designer' provides a link to the store and is as advertised in the received email but the 'Welcome' page is void of similar links on my Mac Photos 'Welcome' page. Is the link somewhere else in Photos ? Regards, Tony
  2. Text formatting issues in Affinity Designer 1.3.2 and Affinity Photo 1.3.4 Repeatable inconsistencies in both Affinity Designer 1.3.2 and Affinity Photo 1.3.4 occur when editing text using the menu ’Text/Typography’ option. Issues occur on an A4 landscape page with some but not all fonts in the latest Yosemite 10.4.4. In contrast similar formatting of the same fonts behave as expected in all other softwares on the same iMac. Example 1: Using the menu item ‘Text/Baseline’ and choosing the subscript/superscript formatting options then text appears as intended: Issues occur when the ‘Typography window’ is used with any text created by using the ‘Artistic text tool’ or ‘Frame text tool’ to format font characters using subscript or superscript options. What is intriguing this only occurs with specific fonts and specific characters. As examples some rogue fonts are Arial, Adobe Arabic, Comic Sans,and Courier New but Baskerville and Courier appear to be free of the issue. Note as already stated these issues are not evident in other softwares using the same fonts and the same iMac. Example 2: The observed effects are even specific to characters. Characters ‘123’ of Arial for instance are unaffected where ‘456’ produce undesired results. That can be demonstrated by reversing character sequences which suggests the issue is not position related. In the examples that follow compare results with Example 1: above. Note the observed effects for selecting subscript ( Example 3:) and superscript (Example 4:) ’Typography’ options: Example 3: (Selecting Typography’s subscript option) The original subscripted 1234567890 characters that worked with the menu ‘Text/Baseline’ method are converted to ’Normal’ format whilst the lower case alphabet sequence shown below has a mixture of subscripted and normal characters. Example 4: (Selecting Typography’s superscript option) The numerical run 1234567890 has only the preceding three digits correctly displayed whilst the remainder appear ‘Normal’ after the ’Typography’s Superscript’ option has been selected. Other observed effects are formatted text characters sometimes extending beyond the boundaries of the text frame. I trust that my observations may assist in resolving these issues. Regards, Tony

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