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  1. Ok, will attach an image. If you need a different file just tell me which one. The RAW is too big, as it's more than 20MB. The lens should be: Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 50mm f/1.4 Cheers
  2. Hi there, have found two things today: 1) AP shows a different image size in RAW development than my Canon 6D shows internally: Instead of 5472x3648 which is displayed on both my Canon and Aperture I do get 5496x3670. The pictures are slightly larger, so AP can display pixels the Canon normally won't show??? 2) The Lens type is misread by AP somehow, it shows the Zeiss 18mm instead of the Zeiss 50mm. Tried EXIFs on Aperture, there everything is ok. Screenshot is attached. Kind regards.
  3. Cool, thx (Tried to search this yesterday in the forum, unsuccessfully.)
  4. Thanks for welcoming, thanks for the answer. Should I post this under "wishes"? because I really would like to get slightly bigger icons (presbyopia is getting worse for me). To change the font UI size is good, but not enough.
  5. Tried to change the size of the tools icons, but nothing happens. Restart is of no use. OSX 10.10.5, MacbookPro Retina 13", Affinity Photo 1.3.5 via App Store.
  6. Thank you, when I asked the question I didn't realize this: When you open a pic via Aperture to edit in AP you simply need to 'save' the image and quit AP to get it saved to Aperture (I didn't read the pop up window telling me saving will reduce the layers to pixels only). Now that this works I don't need the share function.
  7. Sounds great. May I ask which folder you've selected that Affinity finds the Nik plugins? I tried the Nick Collection folder of Programs, I tried the Plugin folder for Aperture, nothing works, they don't show up. Ok, problem solved. I reinstalled Nik Collection, added a folder to the programs for the PS-Plugins to be created, and now they show up.
  8. Ah, yes, thank you, that works now. I don't know why it didn't work, maybe I had been distracted by the information that it will be reduced to pixels (of course, Aperture doesn't use layers). Cool.
  9. Haven't tried it yet, but maybe this helps: https://support.google.com/nikcollection/answer/3435988?hl=en&ref_topic=3001412
  10. Ok, tried to 'share to Aperture' with a Jpeg file, same reduction happened. It would be nice to get settings for the option 'share to' so one can handle this separately from export, as I haven't found them anywhere. It seems to be hidden from users.
  11. Bought AP today via AppStore. Tested import and development, works fine, but: When I tried to share my work to Aperture or Photos I always get a Jpeg of low quality. I tried to fix it in the Export Persona, but it didn't work either. Tried retina solution, didn't work. The normal export to the desktop works fine and at normal speed, but sharing to Aperture/Photos takes several seconds in comparison. The original file was 3648 x 5472, the shared/exported to Aperture/Photos was always 875 × 1313, and it was always a Jpeg even if I chose PNG for export. Apart from that: When I start Pixelmator via Aperture, I do my work in Pixelmator and close it the work is automatically imported back in Aperture. This doesn't work with Affinity Photo, which makes it necessary for me to organize my files differently if 'share to' doesn't work. I hope you can fix both 'bugs'. Kind regards.
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