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  1. Thanks Callum! Can't wait for the update. This issue is really a big deal when we want to export the affinity file for other team and they don't use affinity.
  2. Hi, I found that affinity designer expand stroke with pressure for brush is completely not correct. The expanded stroke is smaller. You can see the issue by watching the video I attached below. 2022-07-13 16-54-10.mkv
  3. So is this feature available for now or not yet? It's superb useful when creating objects likes logos, packaging base line,etc.. Edited: I found the way: enable "Immediate layers" on Candidates .
  4. All Affinity products uses the same core then I think AD benchmark would be the same (or just slightly different). I hope Affinity performance would be better as it runs on Mac system. My old Macbook pro can even perform a surprising smoothly performance lol Affinity is just insane on Mac.
  5. GTX 1660ti Dual OC, AMD Ryzen 7 2700x, 32GB RAM, Windows 11 Pro
  6. I think it could be much faster for changing artboard name if we can change it by double click the name above of the artboard area. I also visualized my suggestion on attached files. Or even faster with F2 hotkey I guess (I know we can one click on artboard layer in Layer palette, but an universal hotkey would better).
  7. This is time saver! Quick and easy as hell, works like a charm! Thank you! Can I share your post/add-on on my youtube channel (all the credit back to you, of course)? I'll introduce your add-on as a tips for 3D/affinity users?
  8. Oh okay, I got it. Sorry for another topic that has been requested/suggested many times. I closed the topic. I would better search before post a topic 🙏🙏
  9. I think close all files without exit the app is better than exit to close all. E.g: Add an menu item to File > Close All Files
  10. When user assigns the color to group layer, the group layer icon could be better if the color also was added to the "folder" icon as well. This could help user works faster.
  11. It would be great if we can Ctrl/Cmd + [ or ] to arrange/move the layer/group out of the group that maintain it when it's on top/bottom of the main group.
  12. I have 2 suggestions for working with artboards: 1. Auto arrange artboards (or Layout/Re-arrange artboards into grid): - It should be cool if we could setup layout grid for the artboards (E.g: input number for Row and Column; Row = 3, Column = 4, Start Artboard: "Artboard name or number" then we have a perfect grid view for our artboards. - And yes, if we could add this setting on "New Document", this would be awesome! 2. Auto change name when duplicate artboard(s): - AD copies the name of the original artboard(s) whenever I duplicate an artboard or multiple artboards. I truly hope AD could auto change the name of the duplicated artboards to "OriginalName_Copy01", "OriginalName_Copy02" or something like that.
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