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  1. Affinity should create Add-ons feature. Then, 3rd parties can cooperate with or integrate with
  2. Installed the update and got the free Luminance Brush Pack, but the brush did not appear on sub menu!?
  3. Anyone get this issue like me (check the picture below). Something wrong with the Affinity's font render engine?
  4. Yeah, but the funny thing is it's a never ending loop: UX based on user experiences. So we are users.
  5. After using Affinity Designer for about 6 months, one of the most issues I really hope Serif would update in the future is auto rename the artboard/layer based on original artboard/layer name likes "Artboard 1 copy 1", "Artboard 1 copy 2",... Affinity Photo also need this feature for sure.
  6. It would change frequency of recently filters. I don't think it's better but maybe you meant "sort by most used" I guess.
  7. I think this menu should be sorted by alphabet (A -> Z). It would help user find the item into the menu much more easier.
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