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  1. Smaller Icon Fill Color and Stroke Color , It difficult to click stroke on Color Panal and when switch. I clicked several time, sometime hit, sometime not hit , I want big icon. Thank you.
  2. I have 2 colors black and yellow. I want to select only yellow area and delete it. Thank you.
  3. Now I try to do this. If I expland stroke before create flower. No problem. ๒๐๒๑-๐๒-๐๖_at_๑๑-๓๖-๒๗.mp4
  4. Thank you Affinity Jedi But It also have problem Can you record short video for demo the step to create ?
  5. I have found some couves disconnected after use contour tool. Thank you ๒๐๒๑-๐๒-๐๔_at_๒๒-๒๗-๒๓.mp4
  6. Thank you I can do it. Before I use this method. But I want to rapid copy. Thank you.
  7. I have a curve. I want to copy only some of curve I use node tool to selected it. How to copy and past only selected curve? Thank you for answer.
  8. When I created a new document I use brush and get default brush (basic Line) generated by program then I selected other brushes , the brush changed if I want to use the default brush. How to get it? Thank you
  9. Thank you G13RL I can do but I found white space on the center of flower How to solve ? ๒๐๒๐-๐๖-๓๐ at ๑๗-๑๙-๑๗.mp4
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