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  1. Paul Mc. Thank you very much. Your advise worked. You are a savior. Best Regards. Thank you all for your kind help.
  2. Thank you all for the help. Walt Farrel: I have turned ligatures off (Text>Ligatures>Use None). And "Export Settings>Subset Fonts" checkbox unticked. The problem still persists. Maybe I have turned off ligatures incorrectly. Is there another way to turn of ligatures. I do not need ligatures. Paul Mc: Gurbani Akhar Heavy font attached. Since you do not have this issue, there must be some setting that I could set to eliminate this problem. Have you any ideas. The problem this issue created is that the PDF created will have search issues. On search any word with "ti" will not show up in the search result. This is not good especially since I am distributing the PDF and the reader might search a word and miss out on words with "ti" in them. That is how I found out the problem. For me this issue is a big problem. A resolution is really appreciated. Further I wish to add that this problem did not exist previously ... I checked an exported PDF I prepared in March this year. So it must have come up in the latest update. GurbaniAkharHeavy.ttf
  3. The Affinity (one page of a large 27 page document) and PDF files are attached. The font I am using is Arial for the page attached plus Calibri (which gives the same problem) for other pages. Yes you are correct it appears "ti" ligature. How do I solve this and other similar problems. Thank you. 220519 Hijacker of Sikhi V2 AFFINITY.pdf 220519 Hijacker of Sikhi V2 AFFINITY.afpub
  4. The file correctly displays the textg as "Definiton of Vaheguru is adulteration". But the selected text of this is "Defini�on of Vaheguru is adultera�on". I am using PDF Xchange Editor. Similar "Defini􀀐on of Vaheguru is adultera􀀐on" happens in Acrobat Reader DC. This gives problems when searching for text. Kindly help.
  5. Thanks GarryP. The title under the image (blue text) is actually anither text frame (note the box around it in the PIC). I had to create this text frame outside the text box and drag it under the image. My question is why can I not create this text frame inside the bigger text frame?
  6. Thanks Wosven. I am not clear of your advise. I am trying to create a text box in another text box. Please see image sent to GarryP.
  7. Thanks GarryP. I attach the example where I face the problem. The issue is the title of the image.
  8. I have problem creating a text frame inside an existing text frame in AFF Publisher (AFF Photo). For example I use two columns on a page. I put a picture in one of the columns (text frame). I am unable to make a text frame to give a title to the picture. I have to make a text frame outside the column (text frame) in an area where there is no text frame. Then I drag this text frame into the column to title the picture. Why is it that I cannot make the second text frame in the column (text frame)? Thank you.
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