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  1. Sure I do. But they continue ignoring and fooling customers over 2 years now. How to get my time and money back?
  2. Is the blob bug fixed? As expected it’s not. This app is a joke, incompetent development.
  3. Not true like in illustrator but usable brushes unlike the pixel brushes.
  4. No pencil at all. Disabled scribble and iPad restart doesn’t help. Only reinstalling Affinity Designer and Photo after scribble is turned off. I can’t remember such behavior with 1.8.3 on iPad OS 14 Beta.
  5. Feature request: Placing Procreate and Fresco files so that these files are live linked combining vector drawing in Affinity Designer with pixel drawing in Procreate or Adobe Fresco. Changes in these documents could appear live in Affinity Designer without the need of refreshing. Ideally a 3rd party drawing app persona.
  6. Today both Affinity Designer and Photo got updates, again without fixing the blob bug. Very disappointing app development. How can it be ignored?😡
  7. In your you haven’t reproduced yet a dynamic line like that:
  8. The well known blob issue at the beginning of a pressure sensitive pixel brush stroke still exist.
  9. Hi GRAFKOM, this is about using the trackpad with Affinity Photo for iPad. (I hope Affinity Designer for iPad will be updated too) On iPad I prefer the Magic Trackpad 2 over the Magic Mouse 2. On my desktop Mac I’m working with Photoshop and Illustrator preferring the Magic Mouse and a Wacom Intuos tablet because there I’m not using Multitouch. With both devices (Magic Trackpad 2 and Magic Mouse) you can configure the preferences fo fast cursor moving. If you buy the Magic Trackpad 2 the Space Grey is less prone to fingerprints. With the Magic Mouse you don’t get pinch to zoom and canvas rotation options and the Magic Trackpad 2 is very convenient for using the iPad Pro on the desktop.
  10. Rotation using 2 finger gesture on the trackpad isn’t working anymore in Affinity Photo Beta. In 1.8.3 the function is available.
  11. define how the pattern is repeated, adjust the tile size to the graphic, change the width and height of the pattern tile, define the overlapping of graphic elements, create a pattern swatch and apply it to outlines or vector shapes...
  12. Feature request: Seamless pattern mode or studio for creating pattern swatches?
  13. Great, because there is still room for enhancement and illustrator for iPad is around the corner.
  14. Since the iPad Pro has now trackpad support will Affinity gestures on trackpad be supported in next updates?
  15. It would be perfect if two fingers on the trackpad would allow to move the document view.
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