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  1. I cant thank you enough. The amount of time, dedication and effort you put for this one single issue is AMAZING. Thank you! I'm truly grateful for your Help!
  2. Hi, Thank you so much! This fixed my issue, now the colors are the same in both affinity and the exported file. I can't thank you enoough for your dedication and quick replies! I added the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 in the color management and restarted affinity and the colors match perfectly! Just one question, how can I replace the saturated colors with the colors I originally intended to?
  3. Hi! I love Affinity Designer, BUT this problem is a HUGE headache to me I set a color that looks great in the workspace (within Affinity Designer) to my text, objects, etc. I export it and ALL THE COLORS are extremely OVERSATURATED, a moderate yellow looks like a highlighter yellow, Please fix this issue and help me QUICK! The image on the right is the one after export opened in windows photos, left is affinity designer
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