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  1. Hello, I had some questions regarding doing things in affinity. I regularly use adobe Illustrator but i really like the transparency tool and fill tool in affinity so far. The styles are also quite good.There are also some other features which are great and faster than AI. Some my questions with reference images are as follows. I want to create my own vector textures. I have a collection of vector textures that i use in in Illustrator.How to make vector textures and save them as new styles?Also is possible to change the colour of the textures after u turn them into styles?
  2. opacity ones gives me weird opacity level. like 23% 36% etc on pressing 1-10. I also found that if i press the same # button key it gives me something like 20 23 26 then back to 100. In illustrator i can modify that. I don't know who is the designer of the this particular interface but Illustrator is clear winner in this regard. i would really like to have the blending mode shortcuts assigning available. I use those 2 so extensively. Shortcuts save so much time. Also when i search for shortcuts in my keyboard shortcut setting in illustrator Its so easy. Example: Example:
  3. i am coming from Adobe Illustrator. Tying to use same shortcuts in affinity. How can i modify the blending mode shortcuts and the opacity? I looked at all the keyboard shortcuts but i could not find anything to modify opacity. Also how do i set blending modes shortcuts? I only want to add 2 blending mode shortcuts. Screen and Multiply. Also is there a way to add shortcut to Gaussian blur blending modes in affinity.mp4
  4. hi I make game art and i really need this feature. Its available in Krita (free software) and also Photoshop introduce this feature in 2021. Please make this tool in affinity designer. It also allow us to be more creative and save lot of time. here is a video about it
  5. Sorry this is not the thing i want to do. Check the pyxel edit or adobe animate. Or this video in krita called wrap around. The thing you showed i can do t hat adobe illustrator already. I am making the tiles and putting shading and all that. Trying to make it as natural i can. Does affinity have tools like this? Thanks for replying and i appreciate the help.
  6. where did you find tutorials on making game art with affinity designer? I am yet to find good tutorials on that topic. Any character animation which are human? Or any tile set making tutorial with it? I did not find it on google or YouTube. Correct if I am wrong.
  7. Does affinity has tiling feature like in Adobe Animate or Krita? The feature I am asking about is wrap around mode in Krita. Example : In Animate : Check the last gif for example. I want to make nice looking tiles in affinty designer. As long i can make that I am willing to switch to affinity. All I want is nice fast workflow for making 2D game art in affinity. I have attached some references of what i want to do. https://www.gamedevmarket.net/asset/jungle-tile-set/ As advertised in the affinity designer page here. The artwork they shown is from a game too. https://a
  8. +1 for this tool to be added. I really want this tool in affinity. Also live paint.
  9. that is a bummer...meh more I use Affinity more I think to stick with adobe/inkscape. IDK if it was a wise purchase.
  10. Hi I have these line strokes and i want to use them for my line art and etc. I am looking for an hour to do this but no solution. Can anyone tell me how can I save this lines so i can use them when i draw with pencil/brush? I am coming from Illustrator. I just bought Designer. Line strokes Here is what i want
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