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  1. Wow, 46 pages Let's jump into that Linux frenzy ... I am digital artist and developer for many years. I was trying to give Linux a try like 15 years ago. And for me it was a disaster because I wasn't nerd enough to get all the broken things working. I switched back to Windows because it had all the tools available, which I needed. Especially tools for 3d stuff, which also were not available on Mac. Now I am working on Ubuntu for 3 years and I would never go back. And I not considering myself a bigger nerd than any other guy working in the creative area. I did not have any serious problem with Ubuntu since then and even if there is something, you will find at least one answer to your problem in the net - easily. The most important 3d applications are also available on Linux by now - Blender (of course), Substance Suite, Unity 3d, etc. But what I actually want to say is that in my opinion open source software as Linux and Blender is obviously on its way to a wide audience. People and even big companies finally start to see what Open Source can do for them. And I am confident that it is just the beginning of a new paradigm in software development and licensing. These old licensing models Adobe and Autodesk are using (because they were able to milk their consumers very successfully over the last decades because of a lack of alternatives) will not work anymore in a few years. Also the totally unrealistic license fees they charge are (finally) doomed. (In my scope) Blender is maybe one of best examples. Like 10 years ago nobody took Blender seriously. And even over the last few years none of the companies I had to do with wanted to know anything about Blender. Suddenly last year it clicked and everybody wants to work with Blender. The majority of the big companies in the gaming industry are switching to Blender because they realized that they have the same or even better output by using this software instead of being slaved to giants like Autodesk or Adobe. In a few years there will be a very successful Open Source (or at least reasonably priced) option in every area of mass market software (Affinity is a good example here). And since Open Source is deeply rooted in Linux, I am also bold enough to predict that there will also be a paradigm change in the field of operating systems towards Linux/Open Source. Many are realizing that right now, and some are still holding onto the state of the art model of spending tons of money on mediocre and bloatware infested software. So in the end I think it would be beneficial for any company at least not being ignorant about Linux since sooner or later you will have to develop for it anyway Serif does a really great job since they also kind of revolutionized the graphic art industry with reasonable pricing and impressive quality of product. I guess it's just a question of time until Serif realizes that there is no way around Linux. Cheers, GumboYaYa
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