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  1. I recently updated from Mojave 10.14.6 to Monterey 12.3.1 with a clean install on my 2015 MacBook Pro and seeing the same slow startup. Just chiming in.
  2. It's interesting that when I use the Rounded Corner Rectangle Tool, then it does create the correct corners regardless whether I set the corners first and then do the transformation, or I to the transformation first and then adjust the corners. I think the Corner Tool should work the same way.
  3. Hello, Sometimes when I want to join two curves, the join results two vertices on top of each other. The vertices do get joined, but in a way that two vertices end up being right on top of each other. At other times, however, the curves do end up joining at a single vertex. I cannot figure out why this is. In the attached video, I provided some description at the top. I am trying to join to ellipse halves. In the first case, I re-use the de-attached bottom curve and they do get joined in a single vertex. However, in the second case (on the right), I delete the lower half of the ellipse and duplicate and rotate the top half. When I try to join them, they do result in two vertices being on top of each other. Don't really understand why this is. What is the logic behind this - if any? Thanks. joining-curves.mov
  4. Unfortunately, Illustrator doesn't have a grid system "generator" like ADesigner does. So in Illustrator I used actions so far to create various axonometric views (dimetric, trimetric, isometric, etc). Here I had to first create the top/left/right views and use the actions to transform them accordingly. I was happy to see that finally ADesigner's grid system is working and was hoping to easily create designs in various axonometric views. I was under the impression that I should be able to round corners after I projected the shapes, but of course that is not the case. In Illustrator I first create the correct top/left/right shape and then do the transformation. I was hoping I can adjust the shapes in ADesigner after the transform, but apparently that is not the case - after all, it is not a 3D program. Oh well... it seems I will have to create the correct shape frst in ADesigner as well, and then do the transform.
  5. The correct way to transform an object (let's say a square) in the top isometric view is: Scale the object vertically 86.6% Sheer the object 30 degrees Rotate the object -30 degrees With this, I get the correct result in Illustrator, with correct corner radiuses. In ADesigner, I am not even getting the correct transformation (even if I try to do this manually), let alone the corner radius. So something is really off here.
  6. Hello, I am curious what is the reason that the corner tool gives quite a huge difference for different corners in isometric layout, even if I use the same corner values. I have attached a screen recording of the issue. Create an isometric grid (regular or 2:1 ratio - doesn't matter) Set the grid size to 100px Set the grid division to 4. This would make every small division 25px. Use the Pen Tool to draw a square, by snapping its corners to the grid. Use the Corner Tool and set the radius for the top and bottom vertices to 25px. Use the Corner Tool and set the radius for the left and right vertices to 25px as well. Since the grid size is 100px and the subdivisions are 4 (= 25px), shouldn't the radius for the 4 vertices be the same (or at least close)? Yet, the left and right vertices result in a WAY greater corner size. Could anyone tell me why this is? Please check out the attached screen recording. Thanks. ADesigner 1.8.3 macOS 10.14.6 affinity-isometric-corners.mov
  7. I was just looking for the same "feature". What can I say - something I have not said before...? Affinity continues to amaze me with their non-functioning feature set, that is left up to the customer to figure out whether certain things doesn't work due to a bug, or because they were put in there for "eye-candy" but not yet implemented. As a result, I have to waste time to come to the forums, start searching, maybe someone has already posted a question about the "issue" and maybe I can find out if the issue in question is a bug or simply a not-yet-implemented feature. For god's sake, why don't you just hide the un-implemented features and make them available when they are truly working and available!? My main tool is illustrator, but every once in a blue moon I start up ADesigner to see if it's in working condition yet. And every time I end up closing it. The "5 year in the making" constantly resonates in my ear. So if ADesigner was released in, what, 2014 (?) it means since 2009 you guys were working on putting features in the UI that doesn't work yet. Nice! (...sarc...)
  8. Thanks MEB, yes I do have ADesigner as well. However, when the grid is visible, all tools snap to the grid: selection brush (...and that's a selection too!) gradient tool myself (...aka pen tool) the various shape tools the text tool I'd say neither the pen tool, the shape tools, or the text tool is needed for photo editing (let alone RAW) but they still snapping when the grid is visible. So not sure why the rectangle/oval selection and the crop tools are not. That would be pretty basic stuff since the selection brush already snapping. Anyhow. Most of the time I just fire up my good ol' PC and work in CS5 or use Pixelmator/Sketch on the Mac.
  9. Thanks Alex. Yes it does provide a workaround. Although insanely tedious for any type of interface layout/design.
  10. Hi, This has been annoying for me ever since day one. I am using a 27 external monitor for my mini. When I create a new document or open an existing one, as long as the document size is smaller than the available viewport, the document will zoom to the full possible extents of the viewport. If you create or open a 32x32 pixel document, just for the sake of illustration, then your full viewport (nearly 2560x1440) will be filled with a huge white, empty canvas (in case of a new document), or with a pixelated blob (if an existing document). This is due to the fact that the document will be resized to the available viewport space. Why!? I understand that when a new or existing document is bigger than the available viewport size, it will be scaled so the full document will fit and be visible in the viewport. But if the new or existing document is smaller than the available viewport space, why can't the document just be opened at it's actual size and let ME (aka the user) decide whether I want to zoom in on it or not?
  11. Sorry for the premature question but I don't know why the selection marquee is not snapping to the grid, when the grid is visible? Usually when the grid is visible and snapping is enabled, the selection rectangle snaps to the grid as I draw the selection out. This is not happening in APhoto. Any reason why not or am I just missing something really obvious? Thanks.
  12. Sorry, if this has been posted already (search didn't show up results), but would like to see a "Stroke Selection" feature in APhoto. Eg, create any combination of lasso, circular, rectangular selection and stroke it with a color and a specific point size. Thanks.
  13. I totally agree, and get that...but...the app is being advertised both on the home page and on the AppStore that "...5 years in the making" not "1 year in the making". So that's 1/4 of PS development time. Taking into account that computers are at least 4 times as fast as 20 years ago, you guys had all the time needed to pull a full featured Photoshop in under 5 years. With that said, I want to see results not excuses! ...just nitpicking... :-) ...and practicing people management skills for my upcoming promotion... :-)
  14. I hope this will be added soon. This is such a basic functionality and neither the selection nor the crop tool is snapping to grid.
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