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  1. "You can..." but how? Is there a tutorial video? How do you make a macro for the Develop Persona when macro recording isn't available there? Not trying to be a smart-alec, I'm just asking because I have the same questions as OP.
  2. Ah, OK. So I just Add Preset from the menu dropdown to the right, & it automatically saves. So how do I apply this simultaneously to all the RAW files in a given folder?
  3. How do I do that? There's not that many options available under the Develop Persona & I don't see "presets".
  4. I have thirty RAW images that need to have the same changes applied across all files. It's nothing drastic, just white balance, dynamic range, & contrast tweaking. However, I don't see a way to do this at all. Using File-Batch Job just develops the RAW into JPG but without a way to change anything first. The MACRO is not usable on the Develop Persona & having multiple RAW files open there doesn't mean they're all having changes applied. I guess I could just make a pen & paper list of what I did to each image, then develop each individually, but this will be very annoying. What's the solution?
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