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  1. Hi Walt, I found how to turn off ligatures - when doing so it made no difference to the resulting PDF. Text | Ligatures | None
  2. Thank you Walt and Sean. I have a 20+ page PDF with a Georgia font. If I change the font to anything else it messes up the entire formatting of the document. I need to edit the file, and that seems to work just fine. When I save it as PDF the problem occurs as shown throughout the document. I am able to view the original PDF with Adobe PDF (any version), but the saved edited file from Affinity Designer has the problem described in my original post. When I save the PDF file "Text as Curves" it works fine but cannot later edit the new file. I tried turning off "Subset fonts" with no change to the problem. I cannot find a "Character panel" - only a "Text" drop down menu. I am attaching the afdesign file you asked for Sean. I am using version 1.8.3 FontTest.afdesign
  3. I am evaluating the 3 Affinity products to replace Adobe. When exporting a document to PDF, every word in the document with "ff" and "ss" are all replaced with a square box. See attachments to view the problem. I have tried every PDF type. The only one that doesn't do this is when I rasterize the file but then it's pages that look like photos and is 30mb in size. This defeats the purpose of PDF. Please advise.
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