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  1. Thanks everyone for your responses. I actually found a "work around" while poking around - by double clicking on the .afdesign file in Win Explorer, it opened up in Designer and displayed all the styles as a collection. From there I was able to select each individual style and "Add New Style From Selection" in the Styles panel - a bit tedious and time consuming but - hey, I'm able to use them and edit them now and it works so. . . . I may have to revisit this if I have other issues later but for now, I'm up and running 🙄
  2. Hi Walt, Yes, that is correct, I saved the zip files to my downloads folder. Then I unzipped them and I can plainly see "7SS- Smoke and Fog Starter pack.afbrushes" and "Dream Metals Styles.afdesign". At first I thought it it might be because I had the file extensions set to "hidden" in Windows explorer - so I made sure to set my file extensions to "visible" - and that seemed to work on the brushes, however, it did not help on the Dream Metals styles. When I try to import them from the Styles panel - they do not show up. See attached screen shot.
  3. I have recently downloaded some resources from Affinity Resources, namely a set of brushes (the Fog and Smoke Starter Pack) and a set of Styles (Dream-Metals-Styles). I went to my styles panel and clicked "Import". I found my download location (Downloads folder) but Designer could not recognize the UNzipped Affinity files. I can see them with no problems when using Windows Explorer, but neither of the packages are visible from the Import panel in Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo. Very frustrating to have these delicious new styles and brushes to use but not be able to get to them!! I fol
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