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  1. +1 I was going to post this request, to let us set the artboard background color and level, as it is too bright for the dark UI theme.
  2. I was talking with someone the other day who uses Corel and I looked up the app and saw that in Painter they have included an AI Styles system for converting an image into another style. I think that a feature like this would be nice. It reminded me of GANILLA, an AI implementation I had found earlier this year while researching GauGAN from Nvidia, and love how they had used styles from several known artists for converting an image into those styles. One downside from the Corel implementation I saw was that it applies the technique to the image layer and not as a new layer, which as I love the
  3. I have been searching through the forums regarding Affinity highlighting the brush you are currently using even once you have changed any of its parameters, size for instance. As I understand from my reading, the reasoning the brush preset is not highlighted is that, once you have changed any parameter of a preset brush it is no longer considered to be that preset brush. That makes sense, and perhaps then there could be some sort of indicator as to which brush preset my current brush is based on. If I change the size, for instance, then go to 'edit brush', the panel is blank until I chan
  4. Thanks for compiling this! It looks to have a lot of info to study in for some time!
  5. Hi Aphil, I have been using Affinity for a couple months now and I use a drawing tablet, and can say that pressure sensitivity is supported and that both Designer and Photo come with a nice set of brushes; you can also find some free brushes here in the forums. I have picked up a couple brush sets from the Affinity store as well as from gumroad, and even started to create my own; here is a good video from Olivio Sarikas Design your own brushes.
  6. Thank for the welcome! Yeah, it was as easy as that, and I'm laughing that I didn't see the hamburger menu in photo for the Assets panel before
  7. Good morning all, I am Brandon from Dearborn, Michigan, USA. I work in IT Innovation by day, doing xReality simulations in Unreal for VR and HoloLens, and aspiring game developer and graphic artist by night. I had picked up the Affinity Trinity a couple months ago and for the first month only used it for refactoring my logo and also to refactor a few glyphs in my game. Since then, I have started watching tutorials and doing. I have started to create some arts to sell on clothing and posters (I really like the displate products), and am also working on making my own fabric patterns as I al
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