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  1. Also, I discovered that with an active selection, if you simply change to the black arrow tool, it brings up a bounding box with handles without having to enter quick mask mode as long as you're in the layer that the object is in. The thing is that it's difficult to deselect unless you go back to the hand tool again. Switching to a layer with an object, and then switching to the black arrow again brings up a bounding box for the object on that layer. Switching to the hand tool turns off the bounding box.
  2. Hey all, This is my first post here and my first day of trialing Affinity Photo. I just had a query about exporting to PSD with mask layers. It seems that when exporting a file from Affinity that includes layer masks as a .psd , when opening the .psd in Photoshop the masks don't come through properly? eg, it becomes a transparent layer with nothing on it. Is this not supported? Do the programs handle masks differently?
  3. I would love this feature, too. This is my first day of trying out the trial of Affinity Photo and I was very impressed with the masking capabilities. Then I tried to do what the OP was attempting - to dodge and burn the mask edges. I was impotently brushing for around 10 minutes with nothing happening before I googled and found this thread. It really is a must-have option...
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