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  1. What bothers me more than the missing feature is the silence on Affinity’s part about it - are they working on it? Why is it so hard to implement? When can it be expected? No information, no roadmap, no feedback whatsoever, it is quite frustrating.
  2. Ah, after playing around a little more, I noticed that the two "G"s in "EGGS" are different, and so I switched "context-sensitive alternatives" off and this does the trick:
  3. Hi! I was wondering why the horizontal alignment of text seems so off for the word "BUTTER" in the example – the "U" and the "E" are not horizontally aligned with the other characters, but are shifted to the right. There are manual soft line breaks in between the characters and this seems to work with the other words just fine. Any ideas as to what could be the cause and what could be the solution? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hard to believe this feature has been missing forever now, assuming that it would be a basic operation for a vector based program.
  5. +1 für dieses Feature, gestern hätte ich es gut gebrauchen können.
  6. +1. Creating bookmarks and controlling viewing options when opening the PDF would be I feature I would like to have.
  7. Ah, thanks for the clarification. I searched the forum for a previous report on that but without success. Again, thanks a lot for the quick reply and solution!
  8. Thanks a lot, MEB! Indeed, your suggestion does the trick (but is not quite intuitive). Great!
  9. Hello! I have a curve (a speech bubble), that I want to use in its horizontally mirrored version. When I first mirror the shape, then convert it into a text frame, the text inside is also mirrored (i.e. unreadable). I tried to reverse the curve, but that did not help and couldn’t find a solution so far. Can anybody help me with the problem?
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