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  1. I copied and pasted layers of vector art from an .ai file into my Designer document. When I resized the document to fit on my workspace, distortions in the design were introduced at particular points in the scaling process. Attached images: The first shows the original (correct) drawing. The second remains correct. The distortions occur around the "antennae" of the stylized insect in the 3rd and subsequent images, and appear as spike-like protrusions and odd scaling of the other elements of the drawing. I would hate to have to re-create this from scratch in Designer. How can I sca
  2. Thanks wonderings -- turns out that exporting without bleeds was what caused the issue. Keeping bleed checked for the PDF export fixed the issue. Which is the opposite of what I would have expected, much like you thought.
  3. The issue does seem to be a bleed issue. Exporting the PDF "with bleed" seems to have fixed the problem with KDP.
  4. Here's a possibility I noticed: is the page size you set absolute, or does Publisher add the bleed value to the page size you set? I had been assuming the bleed would be subtracted from the edges of the pages, but the discrepancy would be accounted for if an extra 0.12 in for bleed was added to each edge.
  5. I set up a document for 6 in x 9 in, but when I export it as a PDF and attempt to publish it on KDP, the previewer tells me my pages are actually 6.24 in x 9.24 in, and KDP support staff insist that the previewer is correct. I'm at a loss as to how to account for this discrepancy or correctly fix it. Does anyone have any insights?
  6. Ah well. Turns out that fixing other problems with the document fixed that problem, too.
  7. When I export to PDF, the running heads with the author and title are not exported. In the footer, I had a field for the section name and page numbers. The page numbers came through without a problem, but the section names did not export at all. It all looks great in Publisher. Any suggestions on what I might need to do?
  8. Thank you! Unfortunately there is no option for "Paste Special" > Unicode text that I can see. Paste Without Format seems to do the trick! Thank you!
  9. I'm finding that when I copy text from a word processing document and paste it into a Affinity Publisher text frame, I get the paragraph style of the source document rather than the style I assigned to the text frame using a Master. I have to re-apply my Style every time I paste in text. What am I missing? Is there a "Paste and Match Style" option somewhere that I am overlooking? If so, it doesn't seem to be in the Edit menu where I would expect to find it. I apologize if this has been previously answered. I did a search and checked the FAQs, and hunted on Google but found
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