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  1. @pellelil exactly! I'm now seeing it in both Designer and Publisher. Nothing other programs are affected, and there's nothing that seems to cause it. 🤷‍♂️
  2. September update: STILL seeing this issue. I've tried restarting, closing other programs... What the heck?! I've done some testing, and shortcuts definitely aren't working. Copy-Paste inside the program, however, seems to work. For example: tapping V doesn't default to the select tool. If I want to use the same color, however, I can copy the color code using Ctrl+C, and paste it using Ctrl+V. It appears not to be a problem with a function, or with Affinity running, but something turning off Affinity-specific shortcuts.
  3. Quick update: Eventually the issue just sort of "disappeared," but I'm now seeing the same issue in 1.8.4. I even tried reinstalling it. I've started a new forum thread to try and get some attention on the issue.
  4. After the latest update (1.8.4), my keyboard shortcuts have stopped working. This happened after I updated to 1.8.3 as well. Why does updating Affinity Designer cause this? For reference: 1) I'll open the program. Things will appear to be normal: no unusual messages, nothing on (or off) that shouldn't be, etc. 2) keyboard shortcuts will either a) work for a few minutes, or b) not work at all. 3) I close and reopen the program. Repeat 1-2. I love Affinity, but this is driving me NUTS, and costing valuable time! I do not use any custom shortcuts, just what Affinity came with. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  5. I'm having the same issue. I'll be working in Designer, using keyboard shortcuts, when they suddenly just...stop working. Shortcuts in other programs still work, and I can create and type into a text field, but no shortcuts. Saving, closing and restarting seems to fix it temporarily, but it's getting really annoying. For reference, I'm using a Dell computer less than 2 years old, in the U.S.
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