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  1. Hi. I instaled new brushes to Affinity Designer 1.9 Standard instal... But I can´t see them... Do I something wrong? Thank you..
  2. Hi. (Accer Nitro 5 · i7_2.2GHz · RAM 16GB | Windows 10 Pro | Wacom Intuos Pro L - wire) In Designer is micro delay between DRAG and MOVE. I capture this problem when I moving ponts. It also does this when moving objects. This causes the curve to jerk. At work, it is very disruptive and inaccurate. (I have the snapping turned off and I held Alt for sure.) -For comparison, there is a screenshot with CorelDraw and Illustrator, where you can see how smooth the movement is. Everything is tested on the same computer, with the same conditions. Please do y
  3. Hi. · Windows 10 Pro · Affinity Designer (last version). I use Subtract function. All nodes is connected. There is not correct result... Milos subtract.afdesign
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