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  1. Ok thanks for the info. Looks like we're just waiting for the next libraw update.
  2. It does not appear that Affinity has been updated to work with the files from the Z9. Affinity is my "go to" processing program and to have to take an extra step and process through NX Studio is a real pain in the workflow. Any word from Affinity Support on this problem??
  3. I recently had to re-set Affinity Photo to factory defaults and now whenever I apply a Live Filter Layer it becomes nested under another layer (whichever is highlighted). I used to always have it apply as a separate layer, now I have to manually go and click on "release filter" to get it as its own separate layer. There must be a setting for this in preferences but I can't find it or am I doing something wrong? TIA.
  4. Ok thanks. But now my scroll wheel on the mouse does not ZOOM in like it used to. How do I fix this??
  5. Yes, very strange, now the problem has resurfaced! It happened after a computer re-start. All RAW photos opened are VERY DARK. Please help with this problem.
  6. Please Disregard Above Question. It had to do with the setting for exposure bias getting changed from "Do Nothing" . Problem solved. 🙂
  7. I have been using Affinity photo for Windows since it came out without problems but today when I go to open any RAW file it is very, very, very dark. Then when I adjust it to appear a normal brightness and develop it, it comes out way too bright! I have never had this problem. I am using the latest release. I have tried to repair the installation but this does not help nor does a reboot. Please help!
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