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  1. The wide of the left sidebar depends of which thumbnail is selected. And it is randomly reseted application launch. Best regards
  2. I put Pages, Paragraph, Text Frame, Text Style in the left sidebar. I resized the sidebar as I wish. But when I select Pages thumbnail it shows in a size, when I select the other thumbnails they show in an other size. If I quit application the resizing is totally forgotten. Best regards, Frank
  3. Hi, Text wrapping fails (application jams) when applies to a group objects. No screenshot apart the multicolored wheel. Frank
  4. Text Wrapping is totally failing. Thank you for Publisher
  5. Hi, Try to write this French word "tête" who means head. You'll get "te^êt". To write the ê you have to hit ^ first en e. Which done ê. But in Affinity Publisher you have ^ê! Best regards, and thank you for Publisher
  6. macOS 10.13.6 MacBook Pro 13" Hi, the screen being shorter on 13" screens, the columns control for text is out of menu. So you have to click on the extension symbol. But it is impossible to set columns number because the selector field isn't here : Best regards and thank you for Affinity Publisher who looks so gorgeous!
  7. Cool, and mainly, it seems I have different glitches with blur effects. MBP 13" late 2013, OS X 10.11.2
  8. Hi. Make a black background rectangle in a layer. Add over a pixel layer. Draw something like white smoke. Add a gaussian blur filter. Then set transparency of this pixel layer to 75% for example. You have blurred square shapes that depend of zoom. When editing and exporting. And by the way, the interface has become sometimes jolted. Best regards
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